The cream coloured buttons provided on this page will open a form for your message to the person named. This is to avoid showing email addresses. If you need to attach a document or other file then please follow the instructions at the bottom of the page.


This is our committee. There are several 'officers' that we must have, these are idicated by the title next next to a committe member' name.

Vice Chair
Membership Secretary (Post vacant)
Branch Contact
Butterfly Recorder
Assistant Butterfly Recorder
Moth Officer
Newsletter Editor
Publicity Officer
Forest of Dean Conservation Officer
Health & Safety Co-Ordinator

General enquiries

If you want to send an enquiry or suggestion to the branch but are not sure of the best person then please click the button below and we will pass it on the most appropriate person.

Moth Recorders

The moth recorders are responsible for maintaining a database of all the moths recorded in the county. This data then becomes part of a national database which is important for providing a wide range of ecological data for research.

Gloucestershire generates a large number of records and so we have three recorders; if you are wondering about their strange titles then search the internet for 'vice counties' - Wikipedia has a good summary.

If you don't know which recorder to contact then refer to this map and choose the one that looks most likely - if you get it wrong the recorder will sort it out.

VC33 - East Gloucestershire
VC34 - West Gloucestershire and west of the Severn
VC34 - West Gloucestershire and east of the Severn

Others (not on committee)

Minutes Secretary
Reserve Warden
Web Master


You may think the next bit much more complicated than it should be and you are correct. Unfortunately there are people around the world who search for email addresses on websites in order to send spam and/or malicious software: we have to make it more difficult for them.

The butterfly and moth recorders expect to receive spreadsheets or other documents attached to emails and here is the method for that. Beside some buttons on the list above there is a word in brackets, for example (webmaster) or (VC33-eastglos). To send an attachment to one of these people you use the word to construct an email address like, e.g. for the webmaster it would be, and send the attachment in the usual way. Please put BC-GLOS at the start of the email's subject so that it is more easily distinguished from spam.

If you have documents or files for other people then please contact them using their button first, please do not try to guess an email address.