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Clouded Yellow

Colias croceus
8 August 1983 8 August 1983


The Clouded Yellow is a migrant species which may be encountered in any habitat. Eggs are laid on leguminous wild flower or crop species such as vetches and clovers.

Conservation Issues

None here. The species is a summer migrant from southern Europe, and does not survive winters in Britain and northern Europe.

Flight Period

Migrations start quite early in the summer, but the species is most often seen in late July and August, when the next generation emerges here. A further generation results in some sightings later in the autumn.


Clouded Yellows may be seen almost anywhere, but in most years only a few are recorded in Gloucestershire. 1998 was a better year than average with over 20 sightings reported. 1996 was a particularly good year with 78 records.