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Lasiommata megera
Male, 28 June 1983 Female, 28 August 1982


The Wall is an aptly-named butterfly which is usually seen resting on or flying near to bare rock in stone walls, old quarries, roadside and railway cuttings and embankments, and scree on steep slopes. Several grass species are used as larval foodplants.

30 May 1976

Conservation Issues

Nationally and within our area, Wall has disappeared from some places where it used to be found, yet it remains common elsewhere in its range. There is no obvious cause for this.

The decline began here in the 1980s. Locally the contraction in range seems to have stopped, and in recent years there have been some signs of a slight recovery.

Flight Period

The first generation is seen from about mid May to Late June. There is a second generation during August.


Formerly throughout the Cotswolds and scattered elsewhere in our area. Now mainly confined to the north Cotswolds.