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Green-veined White

Pieris (Artogeia) napi
Male, 3 June 1979 14 June 1978


The Green-veined White is most common in open woodland and damp grassland, and on roadside verges. Three of its main foodplants are common in the area: Cuckoo Flower (Cardamine pratensis), Hedge Mustard (Sisymbrium officinale) and Garlic Mustard, known locally as "Jack by the Hedge" (Alliaria petiolata).

This species may be seen almost anywhere, and it is an occasional visitor to gardens.

Conservation Issues

Loss of hedgerows could reduce its habitat, but the Green-veined White is very common and under no apparent threat at present.

Flight Period

The main flight periods are May and early June for the first generation, mid July to late August for the second.


Throughout the area.