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Gloucestershire Moth Species Gains, Losses and Micro-moth Targets

Most recent updates: More changes from 2022 records, and the first updates from 2023 reports.
January 2023 update: More 2022 additions to the county list, another 'target' species found, and a few changes resulting from the VC33 recorder's decision to treat a number of past records as unconfirmed after applying record checking software.
November 2022 update: Some species previously listed as post-2000 gains have been found to have pre-2000 reports of Gloucestershire specimens (mostly found in old books & journals), some other species have been added to the list of potential losses because pre-2000 reports have been found and there are no post-2000 records (including two that were listed as target species), and some recent 2022 gains have been added.

Since 2000 there has been a big increase in the amount of moth-recording in the county (*), resulting in the addition of a number of species to the county list. Some of these gains really are new residents, no doubt some have been resident for much longer but without being recorded before 2000, and some are migrants or adventives not previously recorded here. At least one 'gain' has resulted from the checklist addition of a species previously regarded as the same as another resident species. NB The lists below are subject to occasional revision to apply corrections and updates based on additional records and reports. Some as yet unmapped records/reports have been taken into account, so there can be an earlier gain year than the years recorded shown on the distribution maps, and species gains for which there are no species maps yet. (*) This list is for Gloucestershire in the widest sense, including parts of VC33 (East Gloucestershire) and VC34 (West Gloucestershire) which are not in the present-day county of Gloucestershire, and also including those parts of present-day Gloucestershire which are in vice-counties adjacent to VC33/34.

In spite of the increased recording, a number of species previously recorded or reported from the county have not been found here since 2000. Some of these are significant losses of resident species (unless they are re-found which sometimes happens a very long time after the previous record, more than 100 years in some cases). Others, migrants or adventives rather than former residents, are of less significance but are included here.

Species with no pre-2000 records in the tetrad-mapping database but with one or more very old or more recent pre-2000 reports were mostly identified from Roger Gaunt's privately-published lists: "Gloucestershire Moths An Account" (2000) and "Gloucestershire Moths A Second Account" (2006). Initially a small number of additional pre-2000 Gloucestershire species were identified from various other sources, with more being found by searching old books and journals at a later date. For all such species, the presence of post-2000 dots and the absence of pre-2000 dots on their tetrad distribution maps does not mean that they are post-2000 gains to the county list.

It should be noted that a few of the 'losses' could be the result of misidentifications, particularly for some of the historical records. A few historical records were long ago regarded as unconfirmed but the species has been found here since 2000; such 'gains' have not been included. The UK checklist addition of a species found in Glos. in recent years, Delplanqueia inscriptella, and almost certainly previously recorded here incorrectly as Delplanqueia dilutella, is not treated as a gain of D. inscriptella (nor as a loss of D. dilutella).

Apparent gains can occur when DNA analysis reveals what had previously been regarded as a single species to be a complex of two (or more) similar-looking species, if these are separable by dissection of the adult, by larval foodplant or by some other detectable property such as egg placement. Historical records of the 'species' could refer to either. Such 'gains' listed below include 4.0351 Stigmella sp. (as yet unnamed), split from 4.035 S. salicis which is also present in the county. Another is 36.0019 Batrachedra confusella, split from 36.002 B. pinicolella for which there are two historical records, so that species may be lost if the specimens really were B. pinicolella. With B. pinicolella having Nb UK status, it is assumed here that this now applies to both species (though in theory either or both could turn out to be scarcer than Nb). The 2011 specimen of B. confusella was identified after that species was described in 2022.

Target species are those to look out for in Gloucestershire/VC33/VC34 because although there are no records of them in our database or in various historical lists, these species are known to have been recorded in one or more adjacent counties and apparently suitable habitat is present here. A list of selected target micro-moth species follows the gains and losses tables. It may be incomplete because some species are spreading across the country and may only have reached a neighbouring county in recent years, and the list has been compiled manually so there are probably some accidental omissions. Only potentially resident species are listed. Apart from some recent colonists, adventives and migrants are excluded, as are some UK resident species whose larval foodplants are present in Gloucestershire but only in small areas/quantities. Macro-moth targets have not been listed because most macro-moth recording is by light-trapping, whereas many of the micro-moths (or their early stages) need to be searched for during the daytime.

Of course, UK resident species in the losses tables are also targets for re-finding in the county. A number of suspected losses have been re-found in recent years, sometimes more than 100 years after the previous record.

Nomenclature and ordering follows the Checklist of the Lepidoptera of the British Isles (Agassiz, Beavan and Heckford, 2013, with subsequent additions and amendments) in which only scientific names are used for most of the micro-moths. For those without common names in the ABH list the names in brackets are from another source.

UK national status data for our resident macro-moths was updated in 2019 and published in the Atlas of Britain and Ireland's Larger Moths; this uses IUCN regional Red List categories. The status of micro-moths was updated in January 2012 in Butterfly Conservation Report No. S12-02, which uses earlier Red Data Book and Scarce categories. In the list below Rare, Scarce (A) & Scarce (B) ratings have been included for macros based on the recorded number of 10Km squares in 2000-2016: up to 15, 16-30 and 31-100 respectively.

184 species first recorded since 2000
YearABH No.Scientific nameCommon nameUK Status
Gained   202335.032Pexicopia malvella(Hollyhock Seed Moth)Nb
Gained   35.059Metzneria aprilella(Brilliant Neb)Nb
Gained   62.022Pempelia genistella(Gorse Knot-horn)Nb
Gained   70.186Eupithecia millefoliataYarrow PugLC
Gained   73.021Syngrapha interrogationisScarce Silver YLC
Gained   202212.023Triaxomasia caprimulgella(Small Timber Clothes Moth)pRDB1
Gained   15.0131Caloptilia honoratella()
Gained   21.002Lyonetia prunifoliella(Striped Bent-wing)pRDB1
Gained   28.003Schiffermuelleria grandis(Silver-streaked Tubic)pRDB2
Gained   34.009Cosmopterix pulchrimella(Pellitory Cosmet)Na
Gained   35.118Scrobipalpa ocellatellaBeet MothNb
Gained   37.077Coleophora lassella(Toad-rush Case-bearer)Nb
Gained   49.364Pammene suspectana(Ash-bark Piercer)pRDB2
Gained   51.0001Paysandisia archonPalm MothAdventive
Gained   63.039Mecyna flavalis(Yellow Pearl)pRDB3
Gained   70.033Cyclophora puppillariaBlair's MochaLC
Gained   20214.081Zimmermannia amani(Elm-bark Pigmy)pRDB1
Gained   16.011Zelleria oleastrella(Olive Ermine)Migrant
Gained   34.008Cosmopterix scribaiella(New Marsh Cosmet)Na
Gained   37.017Coleophora prunifoliae(New Sloe Case-bearer)Nb
Gained   63.047Spoladea recurvalis(Maize Moth)Migrant
Gained   63.059Evergestis limbata(Dark Bordered Pearl)Nb
Gained   73.330Ochropleura leucogasterRadford's Flame ShoulderScarce (A) Migrant
Gained   202028.023Harpella forficella(Striped Tubic)Adventive
Gained   37.090Coleophora artemisicolella(Mugwort Case-bearer)Local
Gained   72.006Hypena obsitalisBloxworth SnoutLC Scarce (B)
Gained   72.074Eublemma purpurinaBeautiful MarbledScarce (B) Migrant
Gained   20194.083Ectoedemia hannoverella(New Poplar Pigmy)pRDB3
Gained   15.093Phyllocnistis xenia(Kent Bent-wing)Nb
Gained   34.005Cosmopterix zieglerella(Hedge Cosmet)Nb
Gained   35.0191Anarsia innoxiella(Acer Sober)Unknown
Gained   41.005Blastobasis rebeli(Marsh Dowd)Adventive
Gained   47.002Phaulernis dentella(Scale-tooth Lance-wing)Na
Gained   62.010Elegia similella(White-barred Knot-horn)Nb
Gained   62.025Dioryctria sylvestrella(New Pine Knot-horn)Nb
Gained   73.082Cryphia algaeTree-lichen BeautyLC
Gained   20184.044Stigmella continuella(Double-barred Pigmy)Local
Gained   71.001Thaumetopoea processioneaOak ProcessionaryScarce (B) Migrant colonist
Gained   73.093Caradrina kadeniiClancy's RusticLC
Gained   73.137Arenostola phragmitidisFen WainscotLC
Gained   20174.073Bohemannia auriciliella(Gold-fringed Pigmy)pRDB1
Gained   22.0041Prays citri(Citrus Ermel)Adventive
Gained   49.067Acleris abietana(Perth Button)Na
Gained   49.350Grapholita caecana(Sainfoin Piercer)pRDB3
Gained   52.007Synanthedon culiciformisLarge Red-belted ClearwingLC Scarce (B)
Gained   62.020Etiella zinckenella(Legume Knot-horn)Migrant
Gained   63.042Diplopseustis perieresalis(Eastern Black Tabby)Migrant
Gained   73.059Calophasia lunulaToadflax BrocadeLC
Gained   73.223Dryobota labeculaOak RusticLC Scarce (B)
Gained   73.300Mythimna l-albumL-album WainscotLC
Gained   20164.0351Stigmella sp. (as yet unnamed)()
Gained   70.3075Microloxia herbariaHerb EmeraldRare Migrant
Gained   73.106Trachea atriplicisOrache MothRE Scarce (B) Migrant
Gained   20154.084Ectoedemia turbidella(Grey-poplar Pigmy)pRDB3
Gained   15.0931Phyllocnistis citrella(Citrus Leaf-miner)Adventive
Gained   35.098Gelechia scotinella(Thicket Groundling)pRDB2
Gained   49.268Eucosma parvulana(Saw-wort Bell)Unknown
Gained   70.102Coenotephria salicataStriped Twin-spot CarpetLC
Gained   201411.005Dahlica lichenellaLichen Case-bearerNa
Gained   37.082Coleophora asteris(Sea-aster Case-bearer)Na
Gained   38.028Elachista alpinella(Marsh Dwarf)Nb
Gained   38.045Elachista utonella(Bog Dwarf)Nb
Gained   49.033Aphelia viburnanaBilberry TortrixCommon
Gained   49.169Celypha aurofasciana(Moss Marble)Na
Gained   62.039Apomyelois bistriatella(Heath Knot-horn)Nb
Gained   72.030Euplagia quadripunctariaJersey TigerLC
Gained   72.076Catocala fraxiniClifden NonpareilLC
Gained   73.347Noctua janthinaLangmaid's Yellow UnderwingLC Scarce (B)
Gained   74.002Meganola albulaKent Black ArchesLC
Gained   20135.001Opostega salaciella(Sorrel Bent-wing)Local
Gained   20.007Argyresthia cupressellaCypress Tip MothLocal
Gained   22.004Prays oleae(Small Olive Ermel)Adventive
Gained   35.129Caryocolum viscariella(Campion Groundling)Nb
Gained   40.006Mompha jurassicella(Scarce Mompha)Na
Gained   47.004Epermenia aequidentellus(Carrot Lance-wing)Na
Gained   49.003Sparganothis pilleriana(Long-nosed Tortrix)Na
Gained   49.032Zelotherses unitana(Northern Grey Tortrix)Na
Gained   49.3445Thaumatotibia leucotretaFalse Codling MothAdventive
Gained   63.0609Noorda moringae(Drumstick Pearl)Adventive
Gained   70.154Eupithecia pygmaeataMarsh PugLC
Gained   20124.064Glaucolepis headleyella(Self-heal Pigmy)pRDB2
Gained   4.088Ectoedemia heringella(New Holm-Oak Pigmy)Nb
Gained   22.003Prays ruficeps(Dark Ash-bud Moth)Common
Gained   28.008Metalampra italica(Italian Tubic)Migrant
Gained   37.081Coleophora therinella(Black-bindweed Case-bearer)Nb
Gained   38.049Elachista stabilella(Southern Dwarf)Nb
Gained   39.006Chrysoclista lathamella(Orange-blotch Cosmet)pRDB2
Gained   47.003Epermenia insecurella(Chalk-hill Lance-wing)BAP pRDB2
Gained   49.053Cnephasia pumicanaCereal TortrixLocal
Gained   49.212Ancylis apicella(Hook-tipped Roller)Nb
Gained   49.355Grapholita lathyrana(Greenweed Piercer)pRDB1
Gained   49.378Pammene ochsenheimeriana(Black-patch Piercer)pRDB2
Gained   70.139Martania taeniataBarred CarpetLC Scarce (B)
Gained   72.0252Antichloris viridisSatin StowawayAdventive
Gained   73.083Bryophila raptriculaMarbled GreyRare Migrant
Gained   201115.087Phyllonorycter comparella(Winter Poplar Midget)Na
Gained   36.0019Batrachedra confusella()Nb
Gained   37.108Coleophora salicorniae(Glasswort Case-bearer)Nb
Gained   38.034Elachista orstadii(Scotch Dwarf)pRDB3
Gained   45.027Oxyptilus laetusScarce Light PlumeMigrant
Gained   48.005Tebenna micalis(Vagrant Metal-mark)Migrant
Gained   70.017Idaea degenerariaPortland Ribbon WaveLC Scarce (B)
Gained   201035.127Tuta absoluta(Tomato Leaf-miner)Adventive
Gained   49.086Acleris logiana(Grey Birch Button)Local
Gained   49.211Ancylis myrtillana(Bilberry Roller)Local
Gained   63.046Duponchelia fovealis(Dark Marbled Tabby)Migrant
Gained   20094.063Stigmella roborella(Common Oak Pigmy)Common
Gained   15.007Caloptilia azaleellaAzalea Leaf MinerLocal
Gained   35.064Argolamprotes micella(Bright Neb)Nb
Gained   35.099Gelechia senticetella(Cypress Groundling)Nb
Gained   37.019Coleophora trigeminella(Scarce Thorn Case-bearer)Na
Gained   49.020Argyrotaenia ljungiana(Heather Tortrix)Common
Gained   49.138Neocochylis molliculana(Ox-tongue Conch)Local
Gained   63.054Cydalima perspectalis(Box-tree Moth)Adventive
Gained   70.217Macaria brunneataRannoch LooperLC
Gained   20084.036Stigmella myrtillella(Bilberry Pigmy)Local
Gained   4.072Bohemannia quadrimaculella(Four-spot Pigmy)Nb
Gained   4.096Ectoedemia arcuatella(Strawberry Pigmy)Na
Gained   37.034Coleophora frischella(White-clover Case-bearer)Nb
Gained   49.366Pammene obscurana(Obscure Birch Piercer)Na
Gained   49.365Pammene albuginana(Blotched Piercer)Local
Gained   49.356Grapholita lobarzewskii(Kent Fruit Piercer)Na
Gained   20074.079Zimmermannia atrifrontella(Oak-bark Pigmy)Unknown
Gained   15.011Caloptilia falconipennella(Scarce Alder Slender)Nb
Gained   49.054Cnephasia genitalana(Dover Shade)Local
Gained   49.082Acleris hyemana(Heath Button)Local
Gained   63.100Catoptria margaritella(Pearl-band Grass Veneer)Local
Gained   70.083Thera cupressataCypress CarpetLC
Gained   20064.024Stigmella magdalenae(Northern Rowan Pigmy)Local
Gained   4.040Stigmella assimilella(Aspen Pigmy)Local
Gained   7.004Nemophora fasciella(Horehound Long-horn)BAP Na
Gained   9.006Lampronia fuscatella(Scarce Bright)Nb
Gained   35.105Gelechia nigra(Black Groundling)Na
Gained   49.329Cydia illutana(Larch Piercer)pRDB3
Gained   49.361Pammene ignorata(Devon Piercer)pRDB2
Gained   69.007Sphinx pinastriPine Hawk-mothLC
Gained   20052.002Paracrania chrysolepidella(Small Hazel Purple)Local
Gained   4.049Stigmella aeneofasciella(Brassy Pigmy)Nb
Gained   15.089Cameraria ohridella(Horse-Chestnut Leaf-miner)Common
Gained   28.005Denisia albimaculea(Pied Tubic)pRDB3
Gained   35.140Caryocolum kroesmanniella(Scarce Groundling)pRDB1
Gained   49.206Ancylis upupana(Dark Roller)Nb
Gained   49.330Cydia conicolana(Pine-cone Piercer)Nb
Gained   20044.062Stigmella samiatella(Chestnut Pigmy)Local
Gained   16.008Yponomeuta sedella(Grey Ermine)Local
Gained   28.024Tachystola acroxantha(Ruddy Streak)Local
Gained   35.023Dichomeris ustalella(Worcester Crest)pRDB1
Gained   38.024Elachista poae(Sweet-grass Dwarf)Nb
Gained   45.002Agdistis meridionalisCliff PlumeNa
Gained   49.261Crocidosema plebejana(Southern Bell)Local
Gained   49.343Cydia amplana(Vagrant Piercer)Migrant
Gained   73.304Leucania loreyiCosmopolitanMigrant
Gained   73.297Mythimna albipunctaWhite-pointLC
Gained   20032.005Eriocrania salopiella(Small Birch Purple)Local
Gained   4.058Stigmella basiguttella(Base-spotted Pigmy)Common
Gained   4.091Ectoedemia heringi(White-spot Pigmy)Local
Gained   12.035Niditinea striolella(Brindled Clothes Moth)Nb
Gained   16.018Swammerdamia compunctella(Rowan Ermine)Na
Gained   28.027Aplota palpellus(Scarce Brown Streak)BAP pRDB2
Gained   35.073Monochroa palustrellus(Wainscot Neb)Nb
Gained   48.003Prochoreutis sehestediana(Silver-dot Metal-mark)Nb
Gained   49.351Grapholita lunulana(Northern Cresent Piercer)Nb
Gained   73.023Plusia putnamiLempke's Gold SpotLC
Gained   73.257Anarta myrtilliBeautiful Yellow UnderwingLC
Gained   200220.005Argyresthia trifasciata(Triple-barred Argent)Local
Gained   35.053Isophrictis striatella(White-border Neb)Nb
Gained   40.007Mompha bradleyi(New Neat Mompha)Nb
Gained   49.141Falseuncaria degreyana(Breckland Conch)pRDB2
Gained   49.272Eucosma tripoliana(Saltmarsh Bell)Local
Gained   49.275Eucosma conterminana(Pale Lettuce Bell)Local
Gained   63.044Diasemiopsis ramburialis(Vagrant China-mark)Migrant
Gained   200115.041Phyllonorycter platani(London Midget)Local
Gained   49.229Epinotia caprana(Large Sallow Bell)Local
Gained   49.301Retinia resinellaPine Resin-gall MothNa
Gained   73.061Stilbia anomalaAnomalousBAP(R) VU
Gained   73.302Leucania obsoletaObscure WainscotLC
Gained   73.324Agrotis truxCrescent DartLC
Gained   73.356Xestia agathinaHeath RusticBAP(R) LC
Gained   74.012Earias insulanaEgyptian BollwormRare Adventive
Gained   20004.017Stigmella centifoliella(Narrow-barred Pigmy)Local
Gained   15.017Calybites phasianipennella(Little Slender)Local
Gained   19.011Acrolepiopsis assectellaLeek MothLocal
Gained   49.220Rhopobota myrtillana(Bilberry Bell)Nb
Gained   69.0041Agrius cingulataPink-spotted Hawk-mothAdventive

Losses (unless/until they are re-found), 133 species in total but some are migrants or adventives rather than possible former residents:
92 species with last known year before 2000
* indicates approximate year from publication date
YearABH No.Scientific nameCommon nameUK Status
Lost ?   199949.008Philedone gerningana(Cinquefoil Tortrix)Local
Lost ?   62.014Pempeliella ornatella(Ornate Knot-horn)pRDB1
Lost ?   62.053Ancylosis oblitella(Saltmarsh Knot-horn)Nb
Lost ?   70.050Xanthorhoe biriviataBalsam CarpetLC Scarce (B)
Lost ?   70.056Catarhoe cuculataRoyal MantleLC
72.072Eublemma ostrinaPurple MarbledMigrant
Lost ?   73.026Deltote unculaSilver HookLC
Lost ?   199845.009Gillmeria ochrodactylaTansy PlumeNb
Lost ?   50.001Cossus cossusGoat MothBAP LC
Lost ?   19977.007Adela cuprella(Early Long-horn)Local
Lost ?   15.059Phyllonorycter cavella(Gold Birch Midget)Local
Lost ?   15.077Phyllonorycter scabiosella(Surrey Midget)BAP pRDB2
Lost ?   16.023Ocnerostoma piniariella(White Pine Ermine)Nb
Lost ?   19.004Glyphipterix equitella(Stonecrop Fanner)pRDB3
Lost ?   35.120Scrobipalpa artemisiellaThyme MothNb
Lost ?   199629.003Dasystoma salicella(Spring Tubic)Nb
Lost ?   73.259Polia bombycinaPale Shining BrownBAP EN Rare
Lost ?   199512.025Trichophaga tapetzellaTapestry MothpRDB3
Lost ?   70.035Cyclophora porataFalse MochaBAP LC Scarce (B)
Lost ?   199449.207Ancylis geminana(Festooned Roller)Local
Lost ?   199349.018Choristoneura hebenstreitella(Great Tortrix)Local
Lost ?   198971.028Clostera pigraSmall Chocolate-tipLC Scarce (B)
Lost ?   73.277Sideridis reticulataBordered GothicBAP CR(PE) Rare
Lost ?   198870.170Eupithecia irriguataMarbled PugLC Scarce (B)
Lost ?   198649.148Apotomis lineana(Willow Marble)Nb
Lost ?   73.055Cucullia asterisStar-wortLC Scarce (B)
Lost ?   198412.014Nemaxera betulinella(Gold-speckled Clothes Moth)Nb
63.1173Parapoynx crisonalis(Pale Asian China-mark)Adventive
Lost ?   197615.068Phyllonorycter distentella(Scarce Midget)pRDB2
Lost ?   73.143Oria musculosaBrighton WainscotBAP CR(PE) Rare
Lost ?   73.322Agrotis vestigialisArcher's DartLC
Lost ?   197573.118Celaena haworthiiHaworth's MinorBAP(R) LC
            197335.034Sitotroga cerealellaAngoumois Grain MothAdventive
Lost ?   197138.040Elachista trapeziella(Scarce Dwarf)Na
Lost ?   70.026Scopula ternataSmoky WaveLC
Lost ?   196937.004Coleophora albella(Viviparous Case-bearer)pRDB1
Lost ?   196873.050Cucullia absinthiiWormwoodLC
73.310Dichagyris flammatraBlack CollarRare Migrant
Lost ?   196770.032Cyclophora albipunctataBirch MochaLC
Lost ?   196662.011Ortholepis betulae(Birch Knot-horn)Nb
Lost ?   196570.030Cyclophora pendulariaDingy MochaBAP NT Scarce (A)
            196473.025Deltote deceptoriaPretty MarbledRare Migrant
Lost ?   73.211Enargia paleaceaAngle-striped SallowLC
Lost ?   73.229Trigonophora flammeaFlame BrocadeLC Scarce (B)
Lost ?   73.289Mythimna pudorinaStriped WainscotLC
Lost ?   196335.139Caryocolum huebneri(Hedge Groundling)Extinct
Lost ?   49.146Apotomis semifasciana(Short-barred Marble)Nb
Lost ?   196217.007Ypsolopha lucella(Plain Smudge)Na
Lost ?   196149.258Zeiraphera rufimitrana(Red-headed Bell)Na
72.0273Lophocampa atomosa()Adventive
Lost ?   195949.360Pammene splendidulana(Drab Oak Piercer)Nb
            195869.018Hippotion celerioSilver-striped Hawk-mothScarce (B) Migrant
Lost ?   195536.002Batrachedra pinicolella(Pine Cosmet)Nb
72.065Tathorhynchus exsiccataLevant BlackneckRare Migrant
Lost ?   195445.006Platyptilia isodactylusHoary PlumeNb
Lost ?   195373.057Cucullia lychnitisStriped LychnisBAP LC Scarce (B)
Lost ?   195273.031Tyta luctuosaFour-spottedBAP NT Scarce (B)
Lost ?   73.072Heliothis viriplacaMarbled CloverLC Scarce (B)
Lost ?   194273.199Jodia croceagoOrange UpperwingBAP CR(PE) Rare
Lost ?   194112.046Oinophila v-flavaYellow V MothpRDB2
Lost ?   193928.006Denisia augustella(Surrey Tubic)Extinct
Lost ?   49.232Epinotia maculana(Dark Aspen Bell)Nb
Lost ?   193832.022Agonopterix capreolella(Fuscous Flat-body)BAP pRDB1
            193662.067Cadra cautellaDried Currant MothAdventive
Lost ?   193512.029Tinea flavescentella(Plain Clothes Moth)pRDB2
Lost ?   35.041Bryotropha desertella(Desert Neb)Nb
Lost ?   193112.009Dryadaula pactolia(Cellar Clothes Moth)pRDB1
Lost ?   193062.071Pyralis lienigialis(Scarce Tabby)pRDB2
Lost ?   192749.036Clepsis rurinana(Pale Tortrix)pRDB1
Lost ?   192620.013Argyresthia pygmaeella(Sallow Argent)Common
Lost ?   35.062Psamathocrita osseella(Grey Neb)pRDB1
Lost ?   192572.064Lygephila craccaeScarce BlackneckEN Rare
Lost ?   192438.012Elachista obliquella(Wood Dwarf)Nb
Lost ?   192243.001Scythris fallacella(Bronze Owlet)pRDB1
Lost ?   192035.119Scrobipalpa samadensis(Buck's-horn Groundling)Nb
Lost ?   191749.104Gynnidomorpha luridana(Bank Conch)Na
Lost ?   191235.083Xystophora pulveratella(Scotch Groundling)pRDB2
            190970.0042Idaea inquinataRusty WaveAdventive
            190773.203Lithophane furciferaConformistRE Rare Migrant
Lost ?   190532.043Depressaria sordidatella(Chervil Flat-body)Nb
73.041Acronicta strigosaMarsh DaggerRE Rare Migrant
Lost ?   190473.067Meganephria bimaculosaDouble-spot BrocadeUncertain
            190073.0895Spodoptera ornithogalliYellow-striped ArmywormAdventive
Lost ?   1898* 49.100Phalonidia curvistrigana(Golden-rod Conch)pRDB2
Lost ?   * 63.023Anania verbascalis(Golden Pearl)Nb
69.013Hyles euphorbiaeSpurge Hawk-mothScarce (A) Migrant
Lost ?   189573.184Cirrhia ocellarisPale-lemon SallowLC Scarce (B)
Lost ?   189449.130Cochylidia subroseana(Dingy Roseate Conch)pRDB2
            188863.0532Syllepte vagans(Leaden Pearl)Adventive
Lost ?   186673.178Leucochlaena oditisBeautiful GothicLC Scarce (B)
Lost ?   1860* 70.129Anticollix sparsataDentated PugLC Scarce (B)
Lost ?   185270.291Siona lineataBlack-veined MothBAP CR Rare

41 species with last known (or all) reports undated but pre-2000
- - - - - - - - -ABH No.Scientific nameCommon nameUK Status
Lost ?4.070Trifurcula squamatella(Lost Broom Pigmy)pRDB1
Lost ?11.004Dahlica inconspicuellaLesser Lichen Case-bearerNa
Lost ?12.002Tenaga nigripunctella(Black-spot Clothes Moth)Extinct
12.043Haplotinea ditella(Scarce Drab Clothes Moth)Adventive
Lost ?20.003Argyresthia praecocella(Ochreous Argent)pRDB3
Lost ?28.011Borkhausenia minutella(Thatch Tubic)pRDB1
Lost ?32.028Agonopterix pallorella(Pale Flat-body)Nb
Lost ?32.049Depressaria discipunctella(Scarce Flat-body)Extinct
Lost ?37.054Coleophora currucipennella(Scarce Wood Case-bearer)pRDB3
Lost ?37.059Coleophora vibicella(Large Gold Case-bearer)BAP pRDB2
Lost ?37.109Coleophora wockeella(Betony Case-bearer)BAP pRDB1
Lost ?38.006Elachista collitella(Pembroke Dwarf)pRDB1
Lost ?43.003Scythris fuscoaenea(Brassy Owlet)Extinct
Lost ?45.024Oxyptilus pilosellaeDownland PlumeExtinct
Lost ?49.011Archips oporana(Pine Tortrix)Na
Lost ?49.116Aethes williana(Silver Carrot Conch)Nb
Lost ?49.140Brevicornutia pallidana(Sheep's-bit Conch)Na
Lost ?49.189Endothenia pullana(Woundwort Marble)Na
Lost ?49.241Epinotia crenana(Highland Bell)pRDB2
Lost ?54.001Jordanita globulariaeScarce ForesterNT Rare
Lost ?62.002Lamoria zelleri(Twin-spot Honey Moth)Na
Lost ?62.023Pempelia palumbella(Heather Knot-horn)Local
Lost ?62.056Homoeosoma nimbella(Scarce Clouded Knot-horn)pRDB2
63.043Diasemia reticularis(Lettered China-mark)Migrant
Lost ?70.002Idaea muricataPurple-bordered GoldLC Scarce (B)
Lost ?70.072Entephria caesiataGrey Mountain CarpetBAP(R) LC
Lost ?70.266Alcis jubataDotted CarpetLC
Lost ?70.293Aspitates gilvariaStraw BelleBAP EN Rare
Lost ?70.295Perconia strigillariaGrass WaveLC
Lost ?72.016Dicallomera fascelinaDark TussockLC
Lost ?72.018Orgyia recensScarce VapourerBAP EN Rare
Lost ?72.021Spilosoma urticaeWater ErmineLC Scarce (B)
Lost ?72.060Hypenodes humidalisMarsh Oblique-barredLC
73.056Cucullia scrophulariaeWater BetonyRare Migrant
Lost ?73.146Photedes captiunculaLeast MinorEN Scarce (A)
Lost ?73.218Dicycla ooHeart MothBAP NT Rare
Lost ?73.234Dasypolia templiBrindled OchreBAP(R) NT
Lost ?73.299Mythimna litoralisShore WainscotLC
Lost ?73.341Standfussiana lucerneaNorthern RusticLC
Lost ?73.366Eugnorisma depunctaPlain ClayLC
Lost ?74.001Meganola strigulaSmall Black ArchesLC Scarce (B)

Targets: micro-moth species to look for in Gloucestershire

Links are to the species entries on the UK Moths website. Links to those species for which the scientific names have been changed in amendments to the checklist will not work if the changes have only been applied in one place (here or on UK Moths).
The list of adjacent counties with records is derived from several sources including online maps for Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Wiltshire, from the scanned manuscript Vice-county maps on the Butterfly Conservation website, from the annual Microlepidoptera Reviews published in The Entomologist's Record and Journal of Variation, from The Moths and Butterflies of Great Britain and Ireland (MBGBI) and from the Gelechiid recording scheme. The list is probably incomplete and may contain some incorrect entries. Monmouthshire is indicated for records from VC35.

Whilst many records shown on VC maps and used here are historical rather than from recent decades, it is possible for a micro-moth to persist unnoticed for many years before it is re-found, particularly if adults of the species are not attracted to light traps. NB Some quite old reports are not shown on more recent maps of records. Nearly all of these target species are nationally rare or scarce in the UK, but so too are some of the gains since 2000, and in some cases those were found as the result of deliberate searching. Prior to their discovery most of them would have been on such a target list, and it seems likely that some of the species below are present in Glos. but as yet unrecorded.

This target list was compiled in early 2022. Entries for species initially listed as targets and subsequently found in Gloucestershire (and earlier finds not known to me in early 2022) are changed to show this. If only a pre-2000 report is found, the species is added to the losses list and its row below is coloured to indicate this.

Target   ABH No.Scientific nameCommon nameUK StatusTypical larval food(s) in UKAdjacent counties with records
Target   4.001Enteucha acetosae(Sorrel Pigmy)NaCommon & Sheep's sorrelsSomerset
Target   4.011Stigmella prunetorum(Scarce Sloe Pigmy)NbCherriesMonmouthshire, Herefordshire
Target   4.028Stigmella minusculella(Brown-tipped Pigmy)pRDB1PearsHerefordshire
Target   4.029Stigmella desperatella(Scarce Apple Pigmy)pRDB1AppleHerefordshire records, but none for 100+ years
Target   4.033Stigmella carpinella(Hornbeam Pigmy)pRDB2HornbeamWorcestershire
Target   4.066Trifurcula eurema(Field Lotus Pigmy)pRDB3Bird's-foot trefoilWiltshire
Target   4.069Trifurcula beirnei(Greenweed Pigmy)pRDB1Dyer's greenweedHerefordshire, Worcestershire
Target   4.093Ectoedemia agrimoniae(Agrimony Pigmy)pRDB3AgrimonyBerkshire
Target   7.011Nematopogon pilella(Pale Brown Long-horn)NaBilberry?Monmouthshire, Herefordshire
Target   9.005Lampronia flavimitrella(Bramble Bright)pRDB3BrambleWiltshire
Target   11.003Dahlica triquetrella(Narrow Lichen Bagworm)pRDB2Lichens, Moss, decaying detritusBerkshire
Target   11.010Bacotia claustrella(Shining Bagworm)pRDB3LichensHerefordshire, Worcestershire
Target   11.011Proutia betulina(Birch Bagworm)pRDB3? (Lichens, Grasses, leaves, bark, Pine-cones?)Worcestershire
Target   11.016Acanthopsyche atra(Dusky Bagworm)pRDB3Grasses, Heather, Heaths, SallowBerkshire
Target   11.018Sterrhopterix fusca(Scarce Brown Bagworm)pRDB1Grasses, Heather, Heaths, trees & shrubsWarwickshire. (Herefordshire old records, now thought extinct)
Target   12.022Nemapogon picarella(Pied Clothes Moth)BAP pRDB1Bracket fungi (Piptoporus betulinus)Monmouthshire
Target   12.023Triaxomasia caprimulgella(Small Timber Clothes Moth)pRDB1Scavenger on insect remains in spider webs on treesHerefordshire, Warwickshire
Found in Glos. 2022
Target   12.040Monopis imella(Felt Clothes Moth)NbScavenger on animal refuseBerkshire, Warwickshire
Target   12.042Monopis fenestratella(Brown Timber Clothes Moth)pRDB2Scavenger in nests of birds, bees & waspsWarwickshire
Target   15.021Leucospilapteryx omissella(Mugwort Slender)NbMugwortWiltshire
Target   15.024Parornix loganella(Northern Slender)NbBirchHerefordshire, Worcestershire
Target   15.027Parornix carpinella(Hornbeam Slender)NaHornbeamWiltshire, Berkshire
Target   15.038Phyllonorycter kuhlweiniella(Scarce Oak Midget)pRDB3OakWiltshire, Worcestershire
Target   15.055Phyllonorycter viminetorum(Osier Midget)NaOsierBerkshire, Oxfordshire
Target   15.069Phyllonorycter anderidae(Small Birch Midget)NbBirch seedlingsBerkshire, Warwickshire
Target   15.0862Phyllonorycter pastorella(Royal Midget)UnknownWillows (Crack, Weeping)Berkshire, Oxfordshire
Target   15.091Phyllocnistis ramulicola(New Sallow Bent-wing)NaSallows & Willows, AspenWiltshire, Berkshire
Target   16.006Yponomeuta irrorella(Scarce Ermine)pRDB2SpindleWiltshire, Berkshire
Target   19.008Glyphipterix schoenicolella(Bog-rush Fanner)NaBlack bog-rush, Toad rush, Sea club-rush, Sedges?Wiltshire, Berkshire
Target   20.008Argyresthia abdominalis(Downland Argent)pRDB2JuniperWiltshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire
Target   20.009Argyresthia aurulentella(Gold Juniper Argent)pRDB3JuniperWiltshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Herefordshire
Target   21.002Lyonetia prunifoliella(Striped Bent-wing)pRDB1Rosaceous trees & bushes, BirchSomerset, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire
Found in Glos. 2022
Target   21.003Leucoptera lotella(Little Bent-wing)NaBird's-foot trefoilWiltshire
Target   26.001Tinagma ocnerostomella(Bugloss Spear-wing)NbViper's buglossWiltshire
Target   27.002Oegoconia caradjai(Straw Obscure)NbLeaf-litter, stemsSomerset, Berkshire
Target   28.003Schiffermuelleria grandis(Silver-streaked Tubic)pRDB2Decayed wood, Under barkWorcestershire.   Found in Glos. 2022
Target   28.004Denisia similella(Northern Tubic)NbFungi, dead woodHerefordshire
Target   28.007Denisia subaquilea(Heath Tubic)NbDecaying leaves of BilberrySomerset, Monmouthshire, Herefordshire
Target   28.016Batia internella(New Tawny Tubic)pRDB1Lichens on conifer trunksHerefordshire
Target   28.025Pleurota bicostella(Light Streak)LocalHeath (Erica)Wiltshire, Monmouthshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire
Target   30.004Amphisbatis incongruella(Ling Tubic)NaThyme, Heather (Calluna)Worcestershire
Target   32.006Exaeretia allisella(Mugwort Flat-body)NaMugwortWorcestershire
Target   32.013Agonopterix carduella(Thistle Flat-body)NbThistles, Burdocks, Common knapweedHerefordshire
Target   32.020Agonopterix curvipunctosa(Powdered Flat-body)pRDB3Chervils, Cow parsley, (other Umbellifers)Somerset, Berkshire
Target   32.027Agonopterix bipunctosa(Twin-spot Flat-body)NaSaw-wortWiltshire
Target   33.002Ethmia quadrillella(Comfrey Ermel)NbComfreys, Lungwort, Common gromwell, Wood forget-me-notSomerset, Berkshire
Target   33.006Ethmia bipunctella(Bordered Ermel)NbViper's bugloss, Comfreys, other BoraginaceaeBerkshire, Oxfordshire
Target   34.007Cosmopterix orichalcea(Marsh Cosmet)NaGrasses in damp placesWiltshire, Herefordshire
Target   34.009Cosmopterix pulchrimella(Pellitory Cosmet)NaPellitory-of-the-wallSomerset, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Monmouthshire.   Found in VC34 2022
Target   34.010Cosmopterix lienigiella(Fen Cosmet)NbCommon reedBerkshire
Target   34.012Sorhagenia rhamniella(August Cosmet)NaAlder buckthorn, (Buckthorn)Wiltshire
Target   34.013Sorhagenia lophyrella(Buckthorn Cosmet)NaBuckthorn, Alder BuckthornWiltshire
Target   34.014Sorhagenia janiszewskae(Wood Cosmet)NaAlder buckthornWiltshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire
Target   35.019Anarsia lineatellaPeach Twig BorerNaPlums, CherriesWiltshire, Oxfordshire
Target   35.029Brachmia inornatella(Fen Crest)NaCommon reedWarwickshire
Target   35.032Pexicopia malvellaHollyhock Seed MothNbHollyhock, Marsh-mallowWiltshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Monmouthshire
Found in Glos. 2023
Target   35.033Platyedra subcinerea(Mallow Crest)NbCommon mallowSomerset, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire
Target   35.048Bryotropha umbrosella(Sandhill Neb)NbMosses on walls & coastal sandhillsSomerset
Target   35.059Metzneria aprilella(Brilliant Neb)NbGreater knapweedSomerset, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Worcestershire
Found in Glos. 2023
Target   35.069Monochroa elongella(Pembroke Neb)pRDB1SilverweedWiltshire
Target   35.072Monochroa divisella(Scarce Marsh Neb)pRDB1IrisSomerset
Target   35.075Monochroa arundinetella(Sedge Neb)pRDB1Greater & Lesser pond-sedgesWiltshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire
Target   35.076Monochroa suffusella(Notch-wing Neb)pRDB3Common cottongrass, other unknownWiltshire, Worcestershire
Target   35.077Monochroa hornigi(Knotweed Neb)NaKnotweeds (Pale persicaria)Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Worcestershire
Target   35.079Oxypteryx wilkella(Painted Neb)NbCommon mouse-earSomerset, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Worcestershire
Target   35.086Athrips tetrapunctella(Northern Groundling)pRDB2Marsh pea, Bitter vetchWiltshire
Target   35.089Prolita sexpunctella(Six-spot Groundling)NbHeather (Calluna)Herefordshire
Target   35.094Aroga velocella(Dusky Groundling)LocalSheep's sorrelWiltshire, Oxfordshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire
Target   35.095Chionodes distinctella(Eastern Groundling)NaBird's-foot Trefoil, Sheep's sorrelSomerset, Oxfordshire, Worcestershire
Target   35.096Chionodes fumatella(Downland Groundling)NbMosses?, Bird's-foot trefoil?Somerset, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Worcestershire, Warwickshire
Target   35.103Gelechia cuneatella(Long-winged Groundling)pRDB1Willows (White, Crack)Worcestershire, Warwickshire
Target   35.106Gelechia turpella(Grand Groundling)pRDB2Black & Lombardy poplars, Sallows?Somerset, Wiltshire
Target   35.113Scrobipalpa salicorniae(Sea-aster Groundling)NaGlasswort & associated plantsSomerset
Target   35.114Scrobipalpa instabilella(Saltern Groundling)NbSea purslane & associated plantsSomerset
Target   35.118Scrobipalpa ocellatellaBeet MothNbBeets (Sea beet)Somerset, Wiltshire.   Found in Glos. 2022
Target   35.128Caryocolum alsinella(Narrow Groundling)NaLittle mouse-earSomerset
Target   35.131Caryocolum marmorea(Beautiful Groundling)NbCommon & Little mouse-earsSomerset, Oxfordshire
Target   35.138Caryocolum junctella(Confluent Groundling)pRDB3Mouse-ears, Lesser stitchwortHerefordshire, Worcestershire
Target   35.142Teleiodes wagae(Hazel Groundling)NaHazel, Birch, Sweet chestnutWiltshire, Berkshire, Monmouthshire
Target   35.144Teleiodes flavimaculella(Chestnut Groundling)pRDB1Sweet chestnut?, Oak?Wiltshire
Target   35.154Xenolechia aethiops(Moorland Groundling)pRDB3Heath (Erica)Somerset, Berkshire, Monmouthshire
Target   37.008Coleophora adjectella(Southern Case-bearer)pRDB2BlackthornHerefordshire, Worcestershire, Warwickshire
Target   37.017Coleophora prunifoliae(New Sloe Case-bearer)NbBlackthorn, Dwarf cherry, ApplesSomerset, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Herefordshire, Warwickshire
Found in part of VC37 Worcestershire in present-day Glos. in 2021
Target   37.047Coleophora amethystinella(Coast Green Case-bearer)pRDB2Smooth tareSomerset
Target   37.068Coleophora adjunctella(Saltern-rush Case-bearer)NbSaltmarsh rushSomerset
Target   37.077Coleophora lassella(Toad-rush Case-bearer)NbToad rushBerkshire.   Found in Glos. 2022
Target   37.084Coleophora sternipennella(Speckled Case-bearer)NbOraches, Goosefoots (Fat-hen)Somerset, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Worcestershire, Warwickshire
Target   37.085Coleophora squamosella(Surrey Case-bearer)pRDB2Blue fleabaneWiltshire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire
Target   37.087Coleophora vestianella(Eastern Case-bearer)NaGoosefoots, Oraches (Common)Berkshire
Target   37.096Coleophora gardesanella(Small Streaked Case-bearer)NaSea wormwood, Mugwort, Sneezewort, Yarrow, Tansy, Oxeye daisySomerset, Wiltshire
Target   37.098Coleophora inulae(Fleabane Case-bearer)NaPloughman's spikenard, Common fleabaneHerefordshire
Target   37.105Coleophora nutantella(Campion Case-bearer)NaBladder campion, Nottingham catchflyWiltshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire
Target   37.107Coleophora clypeiferella(Body-marked Case-bearer)NaFat-henWiltshire, Worcestershire
Target   38.013Elachista cingillella(White-tipped Dwarf)pRDB1Wood millet,(other grasses?)Herefordshire
Target   38.016Elachista subalbidella(Buff Dwarf)LocalPurple moor-grass, (other grasses?)Somerset, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Monmouthshire, Herefordshire, Warwickshire
Target   38.021Elachista tengstromi(Small Wood-rush Dwarf)pRDBK(?) Great & Hairy wood-rushesOxfordshire, Monmouthshire
Target   38.026Elachista kilmunella(Moorland Dwarf)LocalSedgesHerefordshire, Warwickshire
Target   38.043Elachista scirpi(Saltern Dwarf)NaSea club-rush, Saltmarsh & Round-fruited rushesSomerset
Target   39.004Dystebenna stephensi(Oak Cosmet)NaOakBerkshire, Oxfordshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire
Target   43.009Scythris empetrella(Ling Owlet)pRDB2Heather (Calluna), Bell heatherSomerset
Target   45.001Agdistis bennetiiSaltmarsh PlumeLocalSea-lavenders, Sea asterWiltshire
Target   45.014Stenoptilia scabiodactylusGregson's PlumeUnknownSmall scabiousSomerset
Target   45.035Wheeleria spilodactylusHorehound PlumepRDB2White horehoundSomerset
Target   45.040Hellinsia lienigianusMugwort PlumeNbMugwortWiltshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Warwickshire
Target   47.007Epermenia farreni(Scarce Lance-wing)pRDB1Wild parsnip, HogweedOxfordshire
Target   49.010Philedonides lunana(Heath Tortrix)NbHerbaceous plants, shrubs, (conifer seedlings)Monmouthshire
Target   49.011Archips oporana(Pine Tortrix)NaConifersWiltshire, Berkshire.   Historical Glos. report found
Target   49.064Acleris caledoniana(Caledonian Button)LocalHerbaceous plants in moorland & mountainsSomerset, Monmouthshire, Herefordshire
Target   49.079Acleris shepherdana(Meadow-sweet Button)NbMeadowsweetWiltshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire
Target   49.089Acleris rufana(Sweet-gale Button)NaBog-myrtle, (White poplar, Willows, Meadowsweet)Somerset, Wiltshire, Berkshire
Target   49.107Gynnidomorpha permixtana(Coast Conch)pRDB1Red bartsiaSomerset
Target   49.112Eupoecilia ambiguellaVine MothNbVines & shrubsWiltshire, Berkshire, Herefordshire
Target   49.113Commophila aeneana(Orange Conch)NbCommon ragwortSomerset, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Worcestershire, Warwickshire
Target   49.118Aethes margaritana(Silver Coast Conch)pRDB2Yarrow, Scented mayweed, Oxeye daisy, TansyBerkshire
Target   49.119Aethes rutilana(Juniper Conch)pRDB1JuniperBerkshire
Target   49.130Cochylidia subroseana(Dingy Roseate Conch)pRDB2GoldenrodHerefordshire.   Historical Glos. report found
Target   49.131Cochylidia heydeniana(Blue-fleabane Conch)NaBlue & Canadian fleabanesBerkshire, Oxfordshire
Target   49.153Apotomis sauciana(Bilberry Marble)LocalBilberry, BearberrySomerset, Monmouthshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Warwickshire
Target   49.163Celypha rurestrana(Hawkweed Marble)pRDB1HawkweedsMonmouthshire
Target   49.172Phiaris schulziana(Large Marble)LocalCrowberry, HeatherHerefordshire, Worcestershire
Target   49.173Phiaris micana(Olive Marble)NbHerbaceous plants?, Mosses?Wiltshire, Berkshire, Warwickshire
Target   49.196Bactra lacteana(Scarce Sedge Marble)NbCarnation sedgeWiltshire
Target   49.201Ancylis unguicella(Broken-barred Roller)LocalHeather, Bell heatherWiltshire, Berkshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Warwickshire
Target   49.210Ancylis unculana(Buckthorn Roller)NbBuckthorn, Alder buckthornSomerset, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire
Target   49.219Thiodia citrana(Lemon Bell)NbYarrow, Field wormwood, Stinking chamomileSomerset
Target   49.239Epinotia mercuriana(Moorland Bell)NbHeather, Bilberry, Sallows, WillowsHerefordshire
Target   49.256Epinotia cinereana(Grey Aspen Bell)UnknownAspenWorcestershire
Target   49.262Phaneta pauperana(Scarce Rose Bell)pRDB3Dog-roseBerkshire
Target   49.263Pelochrista caecimaculana(Chalk-hill Bell)NaCommon knapweed, Saw-wort?Somerset, Berkshire
Target   49.270Eucosma aemulana(Obscure Bell)pRDB2GoldenrodSomerset, Herefordshire
Target   49.274Eucosma metzneriana(Mugwort Bell)pRDB3Mugwort, WormwoodBerkshire
Target   49.277Eucosma pupillana(Eyed Bell)NbWormwoodBerkshire, Worcestershire, Warwickshire
Target   49.287Epiblema cnicicolana(Fleabane Bell)pRDB3Common fleabaneBerkshire
Target   49.299Pseudococcyx posticana(Dark Pine Shoot)NbScots pineWiltshire, Berkshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Warwickshire
Target   49.303Clavigesta sylvestrana(Small Pine Shoot)NaMaritime, Stone & Scots pinesBerkshire, Herefordshire
Target   49.314Dichrorampha sylvicolana(Sneezewort Drill)pRDB3SneezewortWorcestershire
Target   49.323Dichrorampha alpestrana(Spike-marked Drill)LocalYarrow, TansyMonmouthshire, Herefordshire     (Formerly D. montanana)
Target   49.327Cydia microgrammana(Rest-harrow Piercer)NbCommon restharrowBerkshire, Oxfordshire
Target   49.3275Cydia interscindana()JuniperBerkshire
Target   49.336Cydia pactolana(Scarce Spruce Piercer)pRDB1Norway spruce, LarchBerkshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire
Target   49.364Pammene suspectana(Ash-bark Piercer)pRDB2AshSomerset, Wiltshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Warwickshire
Found in Glos. 2022
Target   49.368Pammene herrichiana(Beech-mast Piercer)NaBeechSomerset, Berkshire, Monmouthshire
Target   62.016Sciota hostilis(Scarce Aspen Knot-horn)BAP pRDB1AspenHerefordshire, Worcestershire, Warwickshire
Target   62.022Pempelia genistella(Gorse Knot-horn)NbGorseSomerset, Wiltshire, Herefordshire.   Found in Glos. 2023
Target   62.026Dioryctria schuetzeella(Spruce Knot-horn)NbNorway & White spruces, Silver firBerkshire
Target   62.041Eurhodope cirrigerella(Hairy Knot-horn)Field scabiousWiltshire 2019 & 2020 (previously thought extinct in UK), Berkshire
Target   62.061Vitula biviella(Pine-blossom Knot-horn)NaPine flowersBerkshire
Target   62.069Anerastia lotella(Sandhill Knot-horn)NbMarram, Sheep's fescue, Grey hair-grass, other grasses?Somerset, Wiltshire, Worcestershire, Warwickshire
Target   62.070Synaphe punctalis(Long-legged Tabby)LocalTerrestrial mossesSomerset, Wiltshire, Berkshire
Target   62.073Aglossa caprealisSmall TabbypRDB2Vegetable matter (usually damp)Berkshire
Target   63.039Mecyna flavalis(Yellow Pearl)pRDB3Herbaceous plants?Wiltshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire.   Found in Glos. 2022
Target   63.041Agrotera nemoralis(Beautiful Pearl)BAP pRDB1HornbeamSomerset, Herefordshire
Target   63.050Dolicharthria punctalis(Long-legged China-mark)NbDecaying coastal vegetationSomerset
Target   63.056Cynaeda dentalis(Starry Pearl)NaViper's buglossWiltshire
Target   63.068Eudonia murana(Moorland Grey)LocalMosses on rocks & walls on moorlands & mountainsMonmouthshire, Herefordshire
Target   63.082Crambus silvella(Wood Grass-veneer)pRDB3SedgesWiltshire
Target   63.087Crambus hamella(Dark Grass-veneer)NbWavy hair-grass?Somerset, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Monmouthshire, Worcestershire
Target   63.108Pediasia fascelinella(Banded Grass-veneer)pRDB3Grasses on sandhillsSomerset
Target   63.111Platytes cerussella(Little Grass-veneer)LocalGrasses (Fescues)?, Sand sedge?Somerset, Worcestershire
Target   63.112Platytes alpinella(Hook-tipped Grass-veneer)NbMossesSomerset, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Monmouthshire, Herefordshire

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