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Moth species recorded at Lower Woods Nature Reserve since 2000

Caloptilia hemidactylella
Caloptilia hemidactylella (pRDB1)
Pammene ignorata
Pammene ignorata (pRDB2)
Phyllonorycter nigrescentella
Phyllonorycter nigrescentella (pRDB3)

Since 2000 a total of 724 moth species have been recorded at Lower Woods NR, as listed below. Several other species were found there in the 20th century, but not yet since 2000. Lower Woods NR is owned by the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust (see https://www.gloucestershirewildlifetrust.co.uk/nature-reserves/lower-woods)

4 nationally rare species have been found at the reserve (species given provisional Red Data Book status in the 2012 review of the status of microlepidoptera in Britain), and 39 nationally scarce species: 4 'Notable a' micro-moths and one scarce (A) macro-moth, 33 'Notable b' micro-moths and one scarce (B) macro-moth.

For each species the table below lists the Agassiz, Beavan & Heckford checklist number, the Bradley list number (0 if not in that list), scientific name, common name (if given in the ABH checklist), national status, number of years recorded since 2000, year range (first and last years recorded since 2000), and typical UK larval food. The list will be updated annually from records sent to the VC34 (West Gloucestershire) east of Severn Moth Recorder, Neale Mellersh, and more frequently with my own records from the site and sometimes with additional species reported to me. Records prior to 2012 are from the former Gloucestershire Moth Recorder Roger Gaunt's database.

Scientific family, genus and species names and their order in the list are from the Agassiz, Beavan & Heckford checklist of the Lepidoptera of the British Isles (December 2013) with subsequent revisions in 2016, 2019 & 2020. Typical UK larval food information was derived from several reference books and other publications, and may not be completely accurate. National status is from the 2012 review for micros. The Atlas of larger moths in Great Britain and Ireland published in late 2019 contains IUCN red list threat assessments which do not necessarily indicate scarcity. They are given here together with rarity/scarcity determined by the number of 10Km UK map dots in the Atlas for 2000-2016: at most 15 for Rare, 16-30 for Scarce (A) and 31-100 for Scarce (B) species. These are equivalent to the micro status of pRDB, Na and Nb respectively.

The species name links in the table below are to the species entries on the UK Moths website. NB If the scientific name used for a species on that website does not match the name on this page, the link will not work.

Please note that the Gloucestershire Moth Distribution Maps are not updated frequently, so some species listed below may not yet be shown as recorded in any of the four Lower Woods tetrads ST78I/J/N/P. Also some informal reports of species from the reserve are included below, but such records will only be mapped if the recorder sends them to the appropriate VC34 (West Gloucestershire) Moth Recorder.

ABH Brad. Scientific name Common name Status Yrs. Year range Typical larval food
1.0011Micropterix tunbergella-Local709 - 19Undetermined
1.0022Micropterix mansuetella-Nb1005 - 20Undetermined
1.0055Micropterix calthella-Common1600 - 20Herbaceous plants
2.0016Dyseriocrania subpurpurella-Common1203 - 19Oak
2.0027Paracrania chrysolepidella-Local12020Hornbeam, Hazel
3.00115Triodia sylvinaOrange SwiftLC211 - 16Roots of bracken and herbaceous plants
3.00217Korscheltellus lupulinaCommon SwiftLC809 - 18Roots of grasses and herbaceous plants
3.00416Phymatopus hectaGold SwiftLC409 - 16Roots of bracken
3.00514Hepialus humuliGhost MothBAP(R) LC710 - 18Roots of grasses and herbaceous plants
4.002116Stigmella lapponica-Common12008Birch
4.003117Stigmella confusella-Common204 - 08Birch
4.006113Stigmella sakhalinella-Local209 - 10Birch
4.007112Stigmella luteella-Common12017Birch
4.010111Stigmella microtheriella-Common403 - 09Hazel, Hornbeam
4.01592Stigmella anomalellaRose Leaf MinerCommon205 - 16Roses
4.022107Stigmella regiella-Local211 - 16Hawthorn
4.03099Stigmella hybnerella-Common12009Hawthorn
4.03275Stigmella floslactella-Common803 - 19Hazel, Hornbeam
4.03568Stigmella salicis-Common508 - 17Willows (rough-leaved); egg on underside of leaf
4.03870Stigmella obliquella-Local12019Willows (smooth-leaved)
4.03973Stigmella trimaculella-Common303 - 18Black poplar & varieties
4.04074Stigmella assimilella-Local408 - 16Black & Grey poplars, Aspen
4.04267Stigmella plagicolella-Common605 - 16Blackthorn, other Prunus sp.
4.04550Stigmella aurella-Common12003Brambles, other herbaceous Rosaceae
4.04753Stigmella splendidissimella-Common12015Brambles, other herbaceous Rosaceae
4.04955Stigmella aeneofasciella-Nb12016Agrimony, Cinquefoil
4.05479Stigmella perpygmaeella-Common303 - 19Hawthorn
4.05889Stigmella basiguttella-Common12010Oak
4.06183Stigmella atricapitella-Common309 - 14Oak
4.07140Bohemannia pulverosella-Common305 - 19Apples
4.07842Ectoedemia septembrella-Common209 - 20St. John's-worts
4.07941Ectoedemia atrifrontella-Unknown12010Oak (mine in bark)
4.08225Ectoedemia intimella-Local209 - 19Sallows (S. caprea)
4.08523Ectoedemia argyropeza-Local603 - 17Aspen
4.08937Ectoedemia albifasciella-Common309 - 17Oak
4.09038Ectoedemia subbimaculella-Common303 - 17Oak
4.09139Ectoedemia heringi-Local214 - 15Oak
4.09428Ectoedemia angulifasciella-Common216 - 19Roses, Salad burnet
4.09529Ectoedemia atricollis-Common12009Rosaceous trees (Hawthorn, Apple)
4.09731Ectoedemia rubivora-Nb209 - 19Brambles (Dewberry)
4.09934Ectoedemia occultella-Common309 - 14Birch
5.004121Pseudopostega crepusculella-Nb215 - 19Water mint?
6.001158Antispila metallella-Local12005Dogwood
6.003154Heliozela sericiella-Local706 - 19Oak
7.001148Nemophora degeerella-Common700 - 15Undetermined, then leaf-litter
7.003146Nemophora cupriacella-Nb12000Field, Small & Devil's-bit scabiouses
7.006150Adela reaumurella-Common900 - 20Undetermined, then leaf-litter
7.008151Adela croesella-Local407 - 15Undetermined, then leaf-litter
7.009153Cauchas fibulella-Common204 - 10Germander speedwell, (other speedwells)
7.010152Cauchas rufimitrella-Common500 - 15Cuckooflower, Garlic mustard
7.012141Nematopogon schwarziellus-Common211 - 18Leaf litter
7.014143Nematopogon metaxella-Local409 - 18Dead & decaying leaves
7.015140Nematopogon swammerdamella-Common806 - 19Leaf litter
8.002130Incurvaria masculella-Common209 - 19Deciduous trees & shrubs (Hawthorn), leaf-litter
8.004132Incurvaria praelatella-Local609 - 17Rosaceous herbs
9.001133Lampronia capitellaCurrant Shoot BorerBAP pRDB312008Currants, Gooseberry
10.001123Tischeria ekebladella-Common609 - 19Oak, Sweet chestnut
10.002124Tischeria dodonaea-Local218 - 20Oak, Sweet chestnut
10.003125Coptotriche marginea-Common414 - 19Bramble
11.012186Psyche casta-Common415 - 19Lichens, Grasses, detritus
12.006203Infurcitinea argentimaculella-Local12016Lichens (Lepraria sp.) on walls & rocks
12.011225Triaxomera fulvimitrella-Local207 - 15Bracket fungi on beech & oak, dead wood
12.016216Nemapogon cloacellaCork MothCommon906 - 19Bracket fungi (Piptoporus betulinus)
12.017217Nemapogon koenigi-Nb207 - 08Fungus (Hypoxylon multiforme), dead wood
12.019219Nemapogon ruricolella-Nb12015Bracket fungi, rotting wood
12.021220Nemapogon clematella-Local218 - 19Bracket fungi, rotting wood
12.032246Tinea semifulvella-Common509 - 18Birds' nests, wool remains
12.033247Tinea trinotella-Common12019Birds' nests, wool remains
12.036227Monopis laevigellaSkin MothCommon12009Scavenger on dried animal material
12.037228Monopis weaverella-Common214 - 17Scavenger on animal carcases, fox droppings
12.048200Psychoides filicivora-Local209 - 20Ferns (Hart's-tongue, Soft shield, Male)
14.002266Bucculatrix nigricomella-Local12016Oxeye daisy
14.008272Bucculatrix cidarella-Local12019Alder, Bog-myrtle
14.010274Bucculatrix ulmella-Common12016Oak
15.002280Caloptilia cuculipennella-Na210 - 18Wild privet, Ash
15.006284Caloptilia rufipennella-Common12009Sycamore, Field maple
15.008286Caloptilia alchimiella-Common309 - 16Oak
15.009287Caloptilia robustella-Common210 - 17Oak
15.010288Caloptilia stigmatella-Common403 - 15Willows, Poplars
15.012290Caloptilia semifascia-Local505 - 13Field maple
15.013291Caloptilia hemidactylella-pRDB112016Sycamore, Field & Norway maples
15.014293Gracillaria syringella-Common1205 - 17Ash, Wild privet, Lilac
15.015294Aspilapteryx tringipennella-Common309 - 16Ribwort plantain
15.016297Euspilapteryx auroguttella-Common207 - 09St. John's-worts (Perforate, Slender)
15.018292Povolnya leucapennella-Nb209 - 13Oaks
15.022310Callisto denticulella-Common12007Apples
15.025301Parornix betulae-Common12019Birch (seedlings)
15.026302Parornix fagivora-Local12017Beech
15.028303Parornix anglicella-Common503 - 17Hawthorn, Wild service tree
15.029304Parornix devoniella-Common407 - 16Hazel
15.032308Parornix finitimella-Common607 - 17Blackthorn, Wild plum
15.033309Parornix torquillella-Common12019Blackthorn, Wild plum
15.034315Phyllonorycter harrisella-Common609 - 17Oak
15.036317Phyllonorycter heegeriella-Common409 - 17Oak
15.039320Phyllonorycter quercifoliella-Common405 - 14Oak
15.040321Phyllonorycter messaniella-Common12009Oaks, Beech, Sweet chestnut, Hornbeam
15.042322Phyllonorycter muelleriella-Nb706 - 17Oak
15.043323Phyllonorycter oxyacanthae-Common603 - 19Hawthorn, Pear, Quince
15.045325Phyllonorycter mespilella-Nb12009Wild service tree, Pear, Rowan, Whitebeam
15.047327Phyllonorycter hostis-Local12007Apple, Quince, Wild service tree
15.049329Phyllonorycter spinicolella-Common307 - 19Blackthorn, Wild plum
15.052332Phyllonorycter corylifoliella-Common203 - 09Rosaceous trees & shrubs (f. betulae Birch)
15.056335Phyllonorycter salicicolella-Common407 - 19Willows (Goat, Grey)
15.057336Phyllonorycter dubitella-Nb12009Willows (Goat)
15.058337Phyllonorycter hilarella-Common506 - 17Willows (Goat)
15.064342Phyllonorycter coryliNut Leaf Blister MothCommon1103 - 19Hazel
15.067345Phyllonorycter rajella-Common12019Alder
15.071349Phyllonorycter nigrescentella-pRDB3219 - 20Bush vetch, Peas, Clovers
15.073351Phyllonorycter lautella-Local209 - 13Oak
15.075353Phyllonorycter ulmifoliella-Common608 - 19Birch
15.079357Phyllonorycter stettinensis-Common214 - 16Alder
15.081359Phyllonorycter nicellii-Common705 - 19Hazel
15.083361Phyllonorycter trifasciella-Common12019Honeysuckle, Snowberry
15.084362Phyllonorycter acerifoliella-Common403 - 16Field maple, (Norway maple)
15.089366aCameraria ohridella-Common216 - 19Horse Chestnut
15.090367Phyllocnistis saligna-Local12009Willows (Purple, smooth-leaved sp.)
15.092368Phyllocnistis unipunctella-Common407 - 15Black & Lombardy poplars
16.001424Yponomeuta evonymellaBird-cherry ErmineCommon609 - 19Bird cherry
16.002425Yponomeuta padellaOrchard ErmineCommon12009Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Cherries
16.004427Yponomeuta cagnagellaSpindle ErmineCommon12010Spindle
16.007430Yponomeuta plumbella-Local507 - 16Spindle
16.010435Zelleria hepariella-Local211 - 13Ash
16.014436Pseudoswammerdamia combinella-Common411 - 19Blackthorn
16.015437Swammerdamia caesiella-Common12011Birch
16.017438Swammerdamia pyrella-Common214 - 17Hawthorn, Apples, Pears
16.019440Paraswammerdamia albicapitella-Common12011Blackthorn
16.020441Paraswammerdamia nebulella-Common707 - 19Hawthorn, Rowan
17.001451Ypsolopha mucronella-Local204 - 17Spindle
17.003453Ypsolopha dentellaHoneysuckle MothCommon12010Honeysuckle
17.005455Ypsolopha scabrella-Common211 - 16Apples, Hawthorn, Cotoneasters
17.010460Ypsolopha parenthesella-Common507 - 13Oak, Hornbeam, Birch, Hazel, Alder, Bog-myrtle
17.011461Ypsolopha ustella-Common605 - 16Oak
17.012462Ypsolopha sequella-Common209 - 11Field maple, Sycamore
18.001464Plutella xylostellaDiamond-back MothMigrant706 - 16Brassicas
18.003465Plutella porrectella-Common209 - 13Dame's violet
19.002397Glyphipterix thrasonella-Common600 - 15Rushes
19.003396Glyphipterix fuscoviridella-Common204 - 11Field wood-rush
19.006394Glyphipterix forsterella-Local1104 - 20Sedges
19.007391Glyphipterix simpliciellaCocksfoot MothCommon704 - 20Cocksfoot, Tall fescue
19.010472Digitivalva pulicariae-Local410 - 19Common fleabane, Hemp-agrimony
19.014476Acrolepia autumnitella-Common12010Bittersweet, Deadly nightshade
20.010409Argyresthia ivella-Nb506 - 18Hazel, Apples
20.011410Argyresthia brockeella-Common212 - 15Birch, Alder
20.012411Argyresthia goedartella-Common706 - 16Birch, Alder
20.015414Argyresthia curvella-Local507 - 14Apples
20.016415Argyresthia retinella-Common212 - 14Birch
20.018417Argyresthia spinosella-Common1105 - 17Blackthorn, Plums
20.022421Argyresthia bonnetella-Common1005 - 19Hawthorn
20.023422Argyresthia albistria-Common1005 - 18Blackthorn
21.001263Lyonetia clerkellaApple Leaf MinerCommon12015Rosaceous trees & bushes, Birch, Sallows, Hop
22.002449Prays fraxinellaAsh Bud MothCommon608 - 15Ash
22.003448aPrays ruficeps-Common12017Ash
27.001870Oegoconia quadripuncta-Common12015Leaf-litter, decaying vegetable matter
28.009648Endrosis sarcitrellaWhite-shouldered House-mothCommon409 - 17Dry plant & animal material
28.010647Hofmannophila pseudospretellaBrown House-mothCommon12009Dry plant & animal material
28.013637Crassa tinctella-Nb206 - 09Under decaying bark, Lichens
28.014642Crassa unitella-Common207 - 19Dead wood under decaying bark
28.015640Batia lunaris-Common309 - 15Lichens, Dead bark, Old galls
28.019649Esperia sulphurella-Common806 - 14Decaying & dead wood under bark
28.022652Alabonia geoffrella-Common12007Decaying wood under bark
29.001663Diurnea fagella-Common1104 - 19Deciduous trees
31.001658Carcina quercana-Common1106 - 17Deciduous trees & bushes
32.002667Semioscopis steinkellneriana-Local409 - 17Blackthorn, Rowan, (Hawthorn)
32.007701Agonopterix ocellana-Common12014Willows
32.008709Agonopterix liturosa-Local309 - 16St. John's-worts
32.017697Agonopterix arenella-Common509 - 17Thistles, Knapweeds, Burdocks, Saw-wort
32.018688Agonopterix heracliana-Common409 - 16Umbellifers (Cow parsley, Hogweed, Rough chervil)
32.024702Agonopterix assimilella-Local12009Broom
32.031695Agonopterix alstromeriana-Common211 - 15Hemlock
34.004898Limnaecia phragmitella-Common311 - 15Bulrushes
35.003844Aproaerema larseniella-Local411 - 19Bird's-foot trefoils
35.011853Anacampsis populella-Common505 - 19Aspen & other poplars, Willows; (f. fuscatella Creeping willow)
35.018858Hypatima rhomboidella-Common805 - 19Birch, Hazel
35.025851Dichomeris alacella-Nb12010Lichens on tree-trunks
35.028866Brachmia blandella-Common12019Gorse
35.031868Helcystogramma rufescens-Common209 - 11Grasses
35.040787Bryotropha terrella-Common610 - 19Mosses on the ground, grasses
35.064734Argolamprotes micella-Nb12009Brambles (Raspberry)
35.081731Oxypteryx atrella-Local215 - 16Perforate & Hairy St. John's-worts
35.101802aGelechia sororculella-Local12011Goat & Grey willows
35.109822Scrobipalpa acuminatella-Common215 - 16Thistles
35.123819Scrobipalpa costella-Common309 - 16Bittersweet
35.141765Teleiodes vulgella-Common610 - 19Hawthorn, Blackthorn
35.143774Teleiodes luculella-Common215 - 17Oak
35.150768Carpatolechia notatella-Local12014Goat & other willows
35.152764Pseudotelphusa scalella-Nb309 - 19Mosses on tree trunks?
35.161756Parachronistis albiceps-Local214 - 19Hazel
37.002487Coleophora lutarea-Nb415 - 20Greater stitchwort
37.005490Coleophora lutipennella-Common309 - 16Oak
37.006491Coleophora gryphipennella-Common209 - 14Roses
37.007492Coleophora flavipennella-Common808 - 19Oak
37.012499Coleophora limosipennella-Local12010Elms
37.014494Coleophora coracipennella-Local12019Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Apples
37.015493Coleophora serratella-Common312 - 19Birch, Alder, Hazel, Other deciduous trees
37.016495Coleophora spinellaApple & Plum Case-BearerCommon311 - 19Rosaceous trees & bushes
37.022504Coleophora lusciniaepennella-Common309 - 15Willows, Birch, Bog-myrtle
37.033516Coleophora trifolii-Local210 - 18Ribbed & Tall melilots
37.044547Coleophora discordella-Common214 - 15Bird's-foot trefoils
37.046519Coleophora deauratella-Local210 - 15Red clover
37.048518Coleophora mayrella-Common12010White clover
37.051537Coleophora kuehnella-Local12010Oak
37.052535Coleophora ibipennella-Local12010Oak, Birch?
37.053536Coleophora betulella-Local12014Birch
37.069587Coleophora caespititiella-Common409 - 16Rushes
37.070583Coleophora tamesis-Local12019Jointed rush
37.071582Coleophora glaucicolella-Common414 - 19Rushes (Hard, Compact, Soft, Saltmarsh)
37.072578Coleophora otidipennella-Local211 - 15Field & Heath wood-rushes
37.073584Coleophora alticolella-Common600 - 17Rushes (Soft, Heath)
37.074581Coleophora taeniipennella-Common509 - 19Rushes (Jointed, Sharp-flowered)
37.093559Coleophora peribenanderi-Common12019Thistles (Creeping), (Burdocks, Knapweeds)
37.104567Coleophora adspersella-Nb12014Oraches (Grass-leaved), Sea purslane
38.001590Perittia obscurepunctella-Nb12010Honeysuckle
38.015620Elachista gangabella-Local12011Cock's-foot, False brome, Soft-grasses
38.017622Elachista adscitella-Nb211 - 16Grasses (Blue moor-grass, Tufted hair-grass)
38.018623Elachista bisulcella-Local213 - 15Grasses (Tufted hair-grass, Tall fescue)
38.022594Elachista gleichenella-Local311 - 19Great & Hairy wood-rushes, Sedges
38.029600Elachista luticomella-Local12010Cock's-foot, False brome
38.030601Elachista albifrontella-Common407 - 18Grasses
38.036606Elachista humilis-Common414 - 17Grasses, Sedges
38.037607Elachista canapennella-Common413 - 19Grasses
38.038608Elachista rufocinerea-Common12011Grasses
38.047631Elachista freyerella-Local409 - 19Meadow-grasses, Soft-grasses, other grasses
38.049633Elachista stabilella-Nb12019Grasses (Bents, Fescues, Tufted hair-, Tor)
39.001905Blastodacna hellerella-Common311 - 19Hawthorn, Whitebeam
39.002906Blastodacna atraApple Pith MothNb12015Apple
39.003904Spuleria flavicaput-Local411 - 17Hawthorn
40.002886Mompha ochraceella-Common12011Great willowherb
40.014881Mompha terminella-Nb12003Enchanter's nightshade
41.002873Blastobasis adustella-Common209 - 15Withered plant material, berries, cones, galls etc.
45.0101497Amblyptilia acanthadactylaBeautiful PlumeCommon12011Herbaceous plants
45.0111498Amblyptilia punctidactylaBrindled PlumeLocal210 - 11Woundworts, Cowslip, other herbaceous plants
45.0301513Pterophorus pentadactylaWhite PlumeCommon509 - 19Bindweeds
45.0311514Porrittia galactodactylaSpotted White PlumeNb713 - 20Lesser burdock, Greater burdock?
45.0371523Oidaematophorus lithodactylaDusky PlumeLocal12019Ploughman's spikenard, Common fleabane
45.0441524Emmelina monodactylaCommon PlumeCommon401 - 18Bindweeds
46.001485Schreckensteinia festaliella-Common306 - 16Brambles, Raspberry, Hazel
47.006481Epermenia falciformis-Local12017Wild angelica, Ground-elder
48.001385Anthophila fabricianaNettle-tapCommon600 - 14Nettles
48.003387Prochoreutis sehestediana-Nb12015Skullcaps
49.0011013Olindia schumacherana-Local210 - 14Lesser celandine, other herbaceous plants
49.0021014Isotrias rectifasciana-Local12015Hawthorn?
49.0041010Ditula angustioranaRed-barred TortrixCommon609 - 19Trees & shrubs, (herbaceous plants)
49.0051006Epagoge grotiana-Common209 - 19Oak, Hawthorn, Bramble
49.0091007Capua vulgana-Common610 - 17Deciduous trees & shrubs
49.013977Archips podanaLarge Fruit-tree TortrixCommon808 - 19Deciduous trees & shrubs, (conifers)
49.014979Archips crataeganaBrown Oak TortrixLocal211 - 16Deciduous trees & shrubs
49.015980Archips xylosteanaVariegated Golden TortrixCommon808 - 19Deciduous trees & shrubs, Bramble, Honeysuckle, St. John's-wort
49.017982Choristoneura diversana-Na12014Deciduous trees & shrubs, herbaceous plants
49.0221000Ptycholoma lecheana-Common409 - 17Trees & shrubs
49.023971Pandemis cinnamomeana-Common409 - 13Deciduous trees & shrubs
49.024969Pandemis corylanaChequered Fruit-tree TortrixCommon409 - 19Deciduous trees & shrubs
49.025970Pandemis cerasanaBarred Fruit-tree TortrixCommon609 - 19Deciduous trees & shrubs, herbaceous plants
49.026972Pandemis heparanaDark Fruit-tree TortrixCommon413 - 18Deciduous trees & shrubs
49.028986Syndemis musculana-Common905 - 17Deciduous trees & shrubs
49.0291002Lozotaenia forsterana-Common209 - 10Trees & shrubs, herbaceous & woody plants (Ivy)
49.037993Clepsis spectranaCyclamen TortrixCommon12019Herbaceous plants in damp habitats
49.038994Clepsis consimilana-Common509 - 19Withered leaves of trees & shrubs
49.039998Epiphyas postvittanaLight Brown Apple MothCommon12009Trees & shrubs, herbaceous plants
49.0441025Tortricodes alternella-Common409 - 15Deciduous trees & shrubs
49.0471030Eana incanana-Local315 - 19Bluebell, Oxeye daisy
49.0491024Cnephasia incertanaLight Grey TortrixCommon210 - 15Herbaceous plants
49.0501020Cnephasia stephensianaGrey TortrixCommon408 - 19Herbaceous plants
49.0511021Cnephasia asseclanaFlax TortrixCommon510 - 19Herbaceous plants
49.0551018Cnephasia communana-Local406 - 14Herbaceous plants
49.0581034Spatalistis bifasciana-Local409 - 15Buckthorns, Dogwood, Deciduous trees
49.0591033Tortrix viridanaGreen Oak TortrixCommon1007 - 19Oak, other trees & shrubs
49.0601032Aleimma loeflingiana-Common808 - 19Oak, Hornbeam, Field maple
49.0621036Acleris forsskaleana-Common509 - 15Field maple, Sycamore
49.0661038Acleris laterana-Common509 - 19Rosaceous trees & shrubs, (Sallows, Bilberry)
49.0691041Acleris sparsana-Common409 - 18Beech, Sycamore
49.0701042Acleris rhombanaRhomboid TortrixCommon309 - 11Rosaceous & other trees & shrubs
49.0711062Acleris emargana-Common607 - 13Goat willow, Birch
49.0761054Acleris cristana-Common605 - 13Blackthorn, other rosaceous trees
49.0771048Acleris varieganaGarden Rose TortrixCommon409 - 13Rosaceous trees, shrubs & herbaceous plants
49.0781043Acleris aspersana-Common213 - 16Rosaceous & other herbaceous plants, Rock-rose
49.0801053Acleris hastiana-Common212 - 16Sallows, White poplar, Bog-myrtle
49.0831044Acleris ferrugana-Common309 - 11Oak, Sallows
49.0841045Acleris notana-Common209 - 12Birch, Alder, Bog-myrtle
49.0861051Acleris logiana-Local12012Birch
49.0871061Acleris literana-Local409 - 12Oak
49.0911011Pseudargyrotoza conwagana-Common1404 - 19Ash, Privet
49.092921Phtheochroa inopiana-Local411 - 19Common fleabane, Field Wormwood
49.096924Hysterophora maculosana-Local12015Bluebell
49.097936Cochylimorpha straminea-Common209 - 20Common knapweed
49.109937Agapeta hamana-Common1104 - 19Thistles (Carduus, Cirsium?)
49.111954Eupoecilia angustana-Common12014Plantains, Yarrow, Marjoram, Goldenrod, Thyme, Heather
49.127945Aethes cnicana-Common609 - 19Thistles (Cirsium)
49.128946Aethes rubigana-Common507 - 15Burdocks
49.137964Cochylis dubitana-Common12009Ragworts, Goldenrod, Hawk's-beards, Hawkweeds
49.138964aCochylis molliculana-Local12011Bristly oxtongue
49.1431114Eudemis porphyrana-Na12015Apple, Oak?
49.1441113Eudemis profundana-Common12011Oak
49.1451088Pseudosciaphila branderiana-Nb215 - 18Aspen
49.1501093Apotomis betuletana-Common310 - 13Birch
49.1511094Apotomis capreana-Local506 - 19Goat willow, Grey willow?
49.1541087Orthotaenia undulana-Common12015Trees & shrubs, herbaceous plants
49.1551086Hedya salicella-Common409 - 13Willows, Poplars
49.1561083Hedya nubiferanaMarbled Orchard TortrixCommon307 - 09Rosaceous & other trees & shrubs
49.1571082Hedya prunianaPlum TortrixCommon609 - 19Blackthorn, other rosaceous trees & shrubs, Hazel
49.1581084Hedya ochroleucana-Common12006Roses, Apple
49.1611063Celypha striana-Common509 - 15Dandelion
49.1661076Celypha lacunana-Common1503 - 19Herbaceous plants, trees & shrubs
49.1691069Celypha aurofasciana-Na214 - 19Mosses & Liverworts on trees
49.1801079Piniphila bifasciana-Local12009Scots & Maritime pines
49.1831108Lobesia abscisana-Common12011Creeping thistle
49.1841106Lobesia reliquana-Local207 - 11Oak, Blackthorn, Birch
49.1881099Endothenia marginana-Common508 - 16Teasels, Betony, Hemp-nettles, Louseworts, Yellow rattle
49.1901101Endothenia ustulana-Nb12011Bugle
49.1941111Bactra lancealana-Common1400 - 18Rushes, Club-rushes, Galingale
49.1951110Bactra furfurana-Local12014Common club-rush, Compact rush, Common spike-rush
49.2031123Ancylis laetana-Local411 - 17Aspen, (Black poplar)
49.2041122Ancylis obtusana-Nb12010Buckthorn, Alder buckthorn
49.2091119aAncylis diminutana-Local12009Sallows
49.2141126Ancylis badiana-Common1004 - 19Vetches, Clovers, Peas
49.2151115Ancylis achatana-Common510 - 19Blackthorn, Hawthorn, Cotoneaster
49.2161120Ancylis mitterbacheriana-Common414 - 17Oak, Beech
49.2231159Rhopobota naevanaHolly TortrixCommon407 - 16Holly, other trees & shrubs
49.2241205Spilonota ocellanaBud MothCommon311 - 15Deciduous trees & shrubs
49.2251205aSpilonota laricana-Local12011Larch, (Sitka spruce)
49.2311155Epinotia brunnichana-Common309 - 13Birch, Hazel, Sallows, Willows
49.2331156Epinotia solandriana-Common309 - 13Birch, Hazel, Goat willow
49.2371144Epinotia signatana-Local12015Blackthorn, Apple, Hawthorn?
49.2401136Epinotia immundana-Common209 - 10Alder, Birch
49.2441132Epinotia subocellana-Common211 - 17Rough-leaved sallows
49.2461130Epinotia pygmaeana-Nb12010Spruces, Silver fir
49.2481139Epinotia teneranaNut Bud MothCommon1005 - 19Hazel, Alder
49.2521142Epinotia tedella-Common12009Norway & Sitka spruces
49.2551138Epinotia nisella-Common409 - 14Sallows, Poplars
49.2601165Zeiraphera isertana-Common12011Oak
49.2641202Eucosma obumbratana-Local12018Perennial sow-thistle
49.2651201Eucosma cana-Common904 - 19Thistles, Common knapweed
49.2661200Eucosma hohenwartiana-Common407 - 16Common knapweed
49.2691197Eucosma campoliliana-Common12014Ragwort
49.2791169Gypsonoma dealbana-Common1206 - 19Hawthorn, Oak, Poplars, Sallows, Hazel
49.2801170Gypsonoma oppressana-Nb209 - 11Black & White poplars
49.2811168Gypsonoma sociana-Common409 - 14Black poplar, Aspen, Sallows
49.2851184Epiblema scutulana-Common12011Spear & Musk thistles
49.2861184aEpiblema cirsiana-Common204 - 14Marsh thistle, Common knapweed
49.2891187Epiblema costipunctana-Common12011Ragwort
49.2921174Notocelia cynosbatella-Common706 - 16Roses, Bramble
49.2941175Notocelia uddmannianaBramble Shoot MothCommon609 - 19Bramble, Raspberry
49.2971177Notocelia rosaecolana-Common215 - 18Roses
49.3001209Pseudococcyx turionellaPine Bud MothNb12009Scots pine, (other pines)
49.3111287Dichrorampha aeratana-Local12009Oxeye daisy
49.3241257Cydia nigricanaPea MothCommon12004Wild & cultivated leguminous plants
49.3381261Cydia pomonellaCodling MothCommon309 - 11Fruit & nut trees (Apple, Pear, Sweet chestnut, Walnut)
49.3411260Cydia splendana-Common609 - 16Oak, Sweet chestnut, Walnut
49.3451219Lathronympha strigana-Common1003 - 16Perforate & other St. John's-worts, Bird's-foot trefoil
49.3471241Grapholita compositella-Common304 - 15Clovers, Bird's-foot trefoil
49.3541251Grapholita jungiella-Common1004 - 18Bitter & Bush vetches
49.3571247Grapholita funebranaPlum Fruit MothLocal12012Blackthorn, Wild & cultivated plums
49.3591245Grapholita janthinana-Common206 - 15Hawthorn
49.3611228aPammene ignorata-pRDB212006Undetermined
49.3621227Pammene giganteana-Nb12012Oak (in Hymenopterous galls)
49.3631228Pammene argyrana-Local217 - 19Oak (in galls)
49.3651229Pammene albuginana-Local12014Oak (in galls)
49.3671236Pammene fasciana-Common314 - 19Oak, Sweet chestnut
49.3771237Pammene germmana-Local1205 - 20Oak, Beech
49.3791272Pammene aurana-Common12007Hogweed
49.3821222Strophedra nitidana-Local308 - 17Oak
52.003371Sesia bembeciformisLunar Hornet MothLC200 - 01Willows
52.009377Synanthedon flaviventrisSallow ClearwingLC Scarce (A)12014Willows
52.012374Synanthedon vespiformisYellow-legged ClearwingLC12006Oak, several other deciduous trees
54.010170Zygaena trifoliiFive-spot BurnetLC12017Bird's-foot trefoil (f. palustrella); Greater B-f. tref. (f. decreta)
62.0011428Aphomia sociellaBee MothCommon609 - 16Comb, detritus & young brood in bee & wasp nests
62.0051426Achroia grisellaLesser Wax MothLocal214 - 15Honeycomb wax in bee hives & nests
62.0071433Cryptoblabes bistriga-Local610 - 19Oak, (Alder, other deciduous trees)
62.0291452Phycita roborella-Common409 - 16Oak, (Pear, Apple, Hazel)
62.0351439Acrobasis advenella-Common609 - 16Hawthorn, (Rowan)
62.0421458Myelois circumvolutaThistle ErmineCommon12016Thistles
62.0481470Euzophera pinguis-Common409 - 16Ash
62.0581483Phycitodes binaevella-Common211 - 15Spear thistle
62.0651474Ephestia woodiella-Local314 - 16Dead ivy & other dried plant material
62.0751413Hypsopygia costalisGold TriangleCommon12010Dried vegetable matter
62.0761415Hypsopygia glaucinalis-Common209 - 11Decaying vegetable matter
62.0771424Endotricha flammealis-Common12015Herbaceous plants, bushes, then leaf-litter
63.0051365Pyrausta despicata-Common12011Plantains
63.0061361Pyrausta aurata-Common12010Marjoram, Mints, other labiates
63.0071362Pyrausta purpuralis-Common604 - 15Thyme, Corn mint, other labiates
63.0161386Anania fuscalis-Local411 - 17Yellow rattle, Thyme, Marjoram, other labiates
63.0171377Anania lancealis-Common709 - 19Hemp-agrimony, Wood sage, Hedge woundwort, Ragworts
63.0241381Anania funebris-BAP Nb12009Goldenrod
63.0251376Anania hortulataSmall MagpieCommon409 - 15Common nettle, (labiates)
63.0311395Udea ferrugalisRusty-dot PearlMigrant12012Herbaceous plants
63.0331388Udea lutealis-Common12009Herbaceous plants
63.0341390Udea prunalis-Common609 - 16Herbaceous plants, (woody plants)
63.0371392Udea olivalis-Common809 - 19Herbaceous plants
63.0381405Patania ruralisMother of PearlCommon906 - 19Common nettle, Elm
63.0521398Nomophila noctuellaRush VeneerMigrant400 - 13Herbaceous plants
63.0571356Evergestis forficalisGarden PebbleCommon12011Cabbages & other crucifers
63.0601358Evergestis pallidata-Common12010Winter-cress, other crucifers
63.0621332Scoparia subfusca-Common12011Bristly ox-tongue, Colt's-foot
63.0641334Scoparia ambigualis-Common907 - 18Mosses
63.0661333Scoparia pyralella-Common409 - 18Dead leaves of Ribwort plantain (& other plants?), roots?
63.0671338Eudonia lacustrata-Common904 - 19Mosses on walls & tree-trunks
63.0691342Eudonia angustea-Common409 - 19Mosses
63.0741344Eudonia mercurella-Common708 - 19Mosses
63.0751336Eudonia pallida-Local12011Mosses in wet habitats
63.0791292Calamotropha paludella-Local12013Reedmace, (Lesser reedmace)
63.0801293Chrysoteuchia culmella-Common904 - 19Grasses
63.0861301Crambus lathoniellus-Common1002 - 20Grasses
63.0881302Crambus perlella-Common210 - 19Grasses
63.0891305Agriphila tristella-Common1100 - 18Grasses (Hair-grasses, Meadow-grasses)
63.0921303Agriphila selasella-Local12015Grasses (Common saltmarsh-grass, Small cord-grass, Sheep's fescue)
63.0931304Agriphila straminella-Common1200 - 18Sheep's fescue, other small grasses
63.0991313Catoptria pinella-Common211 - 13Grasses (Tufted hair-grass, Cottongrasses), Sedges?
63.1141345Elophila nymphaeataBrown China-markCommon12009Pondweeds, Frogbit, Bur-reeds
63.1151331Acentria ephemerellaWater VeneerCommon213 - 15Submerged pond & freshwater plants
63.1161354Cataclysta lemnataSmall China-markCommon12009Duck-weeds
63.1171348Parapoynx stratiotataRinged China-markCommon509 - 16Submerged aquatic plants
65.0021646Watsonalla binariaOak Hook-tipBAP(R) VU709 - 19Oak, (Silver birch)
65.0051648Drepana falcatariaPebble Hook-tipLC309 - 17Birch, Alder
65.0071651Cilix glaucataChinese CharacterLC410 - 15Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Apple
65.0081652Thyatira batisPeach BlossomLC509 - 14Bramble
65.0091653Habrosyne pyritoidesBuff ArchesLC709 - 18Bramble
65.0101654Tethea ocularisFigure of EightyLC509 - 17Aspen & other poplars
65.0111655Tethea orPoplar LutestringLC509 - 17Aspen, (other poplars)
65.0121656Tetheella fluctuosaSatin LutestringLC12018Birch, (Alder)
65.0131657Ochropacha duplarisCommon LutestringLC1108 - 19Birch, (Hazel, Oak, Alder)
65.0151660Polyploca ridensFrosted GreenNT904 - 19Oak
65.0161659Achlya flavicornisYellow HornedLC209 - 12Birch
66.0021632Trichiura crataegiPale EggarBAP(R) VU209 - 11Hawthorn, Blackthorn
66.0031634Malacosoma neustriaLackeyBAP(R) VU900 - 19Hawthorn, Blackthorn, other deciduous trees & shrubs
66.0071637Lasiocampa quercusOak EggarLC12013Deciduous trees & shrubs
66.0101640Euthrix potatoriaDrinkerLC809 - 19Coarse grasses (Cock's-foot), Common reed, Sedges
69.0021980Smerinthus ocellataEyed Hawk-mothLC209 - 11Willows, Sallows, Apple, (Poplars)
69.0031981Laothoe populiPoplar Hawk-mothLC608 - 18Poplars, Sallows, Willows
69.0061976Sphinx ligustriPrivet Hawk-mothLC209 - 15Privet, Ash, Guelder-rose, Lilac
69.0161991Deilephila elpenorElephant Hawk-mothLC409 - 15Willowherbs, Bedstraws, (many other plants)
70.0111708Idaea dimidiataSingle-dotted WaveLC604 - 15Cow parsley, Burnet-saxifrage, Hedge bedstraw
70.0121711Idaea trigeminataTreble Brown SpotLC709 - 18Withered leaves?
70.0131702Idaea biselataSmall Fan-footed WaveLC1306 - 19Withered leaves?
70.0161713Idaea aversataRiband WaveLC907 - 19Various low herbaceous plants
70.0251692Scopula immutataLesser Cream WaveLC12015Meadowsweet, Common valerian
70.0271693Scopula floslactataCream WaveLC1304 - 18Bedstraws, Woodruff, (other herbaceous plants?)
70.0291682Timandra comaeBlood-veinBAP(R) LC1004 - 18Docks, Common orache, Common sorrel, Knotgrass
70.0311676Cyclophora annulariaMochaLC1504 - 19Field maple
70.0361680Cyclophora punctariaMaiden's BlushLC807 - 17Oak
70.0371681Cyclophora lineariaClay Triple-linesLC303 - 15Beech
70.0451732Scotopteryx chenopodiataShaded Broad-barBAP(R) LC311 - 18Clovers, Vetches
70.0491728Xanthorhoe fluctuataGarden CarpetLC12005Crucifers
70.0511724Xanthorhoe spadiceariaRed Twin-spot CarpetLC804 - 15Bedstraws, other herbaceous plants
70.0521725Xanthorhoe ferrugataDark-barred Twin-spot CarpetBAP(R) NT12010Bedstraws, Docks, Ground-ivy, other herbaceous plants
70.0531722Xanthorhoe designataFlame CarpetLC708 - 19Crucifers?
70.0541727Xanthorhoe montanataSilver-ground CarpetLC1000 - 18Bedstraws, Primrose, other herbaceous plants
70.0591742Camptogramma bilineataYellow ShellLC900 - 16Bedstraws, Docks, Sorrels, Dandelion
70.0611738Epirrhoe alternataCommon CarpetLC903 - 17Bedstraws
70.0631740Epirrhoe galiataGalium CarpetBAP(R) LC12019Lady's, Hedge & Heath bedstraws
70.0661746Earophila badiataShoulder StripeLC709 - 18Roses
70.0671747Anticlea derivataStreamerLC903 - 19Roses
70.0741777Hydriomena furcataJuly HighflyerLC1201 - 19Hazel, Willows, Bilberry, Heather
70.0751778Hydriomena impluviataMay HighflyerLC12011Alder
70.0791769Thera britannicaSpruce CarpetLC607 - 19Many coniferous trees
70.0811768Thera obeliscataGrey Pine CarpetLC12010Many coniferous trees
70.0841766Plemyria rubiginataBlue-bordered CarpetLC409 - 15Alder, Blackthorn, (Birch, Hawthorn, Plum, Apple)
70.0851765Cidaria fulvataBarred YellowLC506 - 18Roses
70.0861773Electrophaes corylataBroken-barred CarpetLC309 - 11Various broadleaved trees
70.0891754Eulithis prunataPhoenixLC209 - 14Currants, Gooseberry
70.0931758Gandaritis pyraliataBarred StrawLC209 - 10Bedstraws
70.0941759Ecliptopera silaceataSmall PhoenixBAP(R) LC908 - 17Willowherbs
70.0951760Chloroclysta siterataRed-green CarpetLC609 - 19Various broadleaved trees
70.0971764Dysstroma truncataCommon Marbled CarpetLC908 - 17Many, mainly woody species
70.0981762Dysstroma citrataDark Marbled CarpetLC409 - 15Many, mainly woody species
70.1001776Colostygia pectinatariaGreen CarpetLC1404 - 19Bedstraws
70.1031750Lampropteryx suffumataWater CarpetLC1303 - 19Bedstraws
70.1041751Lampropteryx otregiataDevon CarpetLC216 - 17Marsh bedstraw, (Fen bedstraw?)
70.1061799Operophtera brumataWinter MothLC209 - 10Broadleaved trees & shrubs
70.1081796Epirrita christyiPale November MothLC12016Broadleaved trees & shrubs
70.1111875Asthena albulataSmall White WaveLC1305 - 19Hazel, Hornbeam, Birch, Rose
70.1121874Euchoeca nebulataDingy ShellLC410 - 19Alder
70.1141876Hydrelia flammeolariaSmall Yellow WaveLC909 - 19Field maple, Sycamore, Alder
70.1181791Philereme vetulataBrown ScallopLC409 - 15Buckthorn
70.1191792Philereme transversataDark UmberLC309 - 14Buckthorn, Alder buckthorn
70.1211789Rheumaptera undulataScallop ShellLC809 - 18Sallows, Aspen, Bilberry
70.1231790Triphosa dubitataTissueLC12010Buckthorn, Alder buckthorn
70.1261781Horisme vitalbataSmall Waved UmberLC12009Traveller's-joy
70.1271782Horisme tersataFernLC509 - 15Traveller's-joy
70.1281784Melanthia procellataPretty Chalk CarpetBAP(R) LC809 - 18Traveller's-joy
70.1301870Odezia atrataChimney SweeperLC12004Pignut
70.1311809Mesotype didymataTwin-spot CarpetLC509 - 18Many plants
70.1321802Perizoma affinitataRivuletLC310 - 17Red Campion
70.1331803Perizoma alchemillataSmall RivuletLC809 - 19Common hemp-nettle, Hedge woundwort?
70.1341804Perizoma bifaciataBarred RivuletLC12018Red bartsia, Eyebright
70.1371807Perizoma albulataGrass RivuletBAP(R) LC300 - 17Yellow rattle
70.1381808Perizoma flavofasciataSandy CarpetLC310 - 14Red campion, (other campions?)
70.1411862Gymnoscelis rufifasciataDouble-striped PugLC604 - 17Flowers of many plants
70.1421858Chloroclystis v-ataV-PugLC904 - 19Flowers of various plants
70.1431859Pasiphila chloerataSloe PugLC12019Flowers of Blackthorn
70.1441860Pasiphila rectangulataGreen PugLC909 - 19Flowers of: Apples, Pear, Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Cherry
70.1461813Eupithecia haworthiataHaworth's PugLC313 - 16Traveller's-joy, garden Clematis
70.1471811Eupithecia tenuiataSlender PugLC12007Willows (Goat, Grey, Eared)
70.1481812Eupithecia inturbataMaple PugEN313 - 16Field Maple
70.1511817Eupithecia pulchellataFoxglove PugLC12009Foxglove
70.1561852Eupithecia abbreviataBrindled PugLC1203 - 19Oak, Hawthorn
70.1571853Eupithecia dodoneataOak-tree PugLC12010Oak, Hawthorn
70.1601835Eupithecia tripunctariaWhite-spotted PugNT209 - 19Elder, Angelica, other umbellifers
70.1621857Eupithecia tantillariaDwarf PugLC209 - 15Norway & Sitka spruce, Douglas fir, other conifers
70.1731825Eupithecia centaureataLime-speck PugLC12009Many low-growing plants
70.1751826Eupithecia trisignariaTriple-spotted PugLC12009Angelica, Hogweed
70.1791830Eupithecia absinthiataWormwood PugLC213 - 14Many composites
70.1811821Eupithecia valerianataValerian PugLC12015Common valerian
70.1831834Eupithecia vulgataCommon PugLC804 - 17Various trees, shrubs & herbaceous plants
70.1841819Eupithecia exiguataMottled PugLC808 - 17Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Dogwood
70.1901837Eupithecia subfuscataGrey PugNT611 - 18Various trees, shrubs & herbaceous plants
70.1981879Lobophora halterataSeraphimLC609 - 17Aspen, Black poplar, (other poplars)
70.2001883Acasis viretataYellow-barred BrindleLC409 - 17Holly, Ivy, Privet, Dogwood, Guelder rose, Hawthorn
70.2021881Trichopteryx carpinataEarly Tooth-stripedLC703 - 18Sallows, Birch, Honeysuckle, Alder
70.2031661Archiearis partheniasOrange UnderwingLC305 - 11Birch, Rowan
70.2041662Boudinotiana nothaLight Orange UnderwingLC Scarce (B)402 - 18Aspen
70.2051884Abraxas grossulariataMagpieLC209 - 10Blackthorn, Hawthorn, Hazel, other shrubs
70.2061885Abraxas sylvataClouded MagpieLC210 - 16Elms
70.2071887Lomaspilis marginataClouded BorderLC1404 - 19Aspen, other poplars, Sallows, Willows, Hazel
70.2081888Ligdia adustataScorched CarpetLC1104 - 19Spindle
70.2121890Macaria alternataSharp-angled PeacockLC214 - 18Sallows, Willows, Blackthorn, Alder, Sea buckthorn
70.2141893Macaria liturataTawny-barred AngleLC12013Norway spruce, Scots pine, other conifers
70.2211901Cepphis advenariaLittle ThornLC12009Bilberry, others undetermined
70.2221902Petrophora chlorosataBrown Silver-lineLC209 - 10Bracken
70.2231903Plagodis pulverariaBarred UmberLC706 - 17Hazel, Birch, Sallows, Hawthorn
70.2241904Plagodis dolabrariaScorched WingLC809 - 18Oak, Birch, Sallows, Beech, Sweet chestnut
70.2261906Opisthograptis luteolataBrimstone MothLC1304 - 19Blackthorn, Hawthorn, Plums, Rowan, Wayfaring-tree
70.2271907Epione repandariaBordered BeautyLC509 - 16Sallows, Black poplar, Alder, Hazel
70.2301924Angerona prunariaOrange MothLC509 - 18Woody broadleaved plants
70.2311910Apeira syringariaLilac BeautyLC209 - 11Honeysuckle, Ash, Privet
70.2331912Ennomos quercinariaAugust ThornBAP(R) LC209 - 10Oak, other broadleaved trees & shrubs
70.2341913Ennomos alniariaCanary-shouldered ThornLC12009Birch, Alder, Limes, Elms, Goat willow
70.2351914Ennomos fuscantariaDusky ThornBAP(R) NT12009Ash, Privet?
70.2361915Ennomos erosariaSeptember ThornBAP(R) NT309 - 13Oak, Birch, Limes, Beech
70.2371917Selenia dentariaEarly ThornLC1203 - 19Blackthorn, Hawthorn, various woody broadleaved plants
70.2391919Selenia tetralunariaPurple ThornLC703 - 17Broadleaved trees & shrubs
70.2401920Odontopera bidentataScalloped HazelLC808 - 17Broadleaved trees & shrubs, Conifers
70.2411921Crocallis elinguariaScalloped OakLC409 - 13Broadleaved trees & shrubs
70.2431922Ourapteryx sambucariaSwallow-tailed MothLC809 - 17Broadleaved trees & shrubs
70.2441923Colotois pennariaFeathered ThornLC209 - 10Broadleaved trees
70.2451663Alsophila aesculariaMarch MothLC803 - 16Deciduous trees & shrubs
70.2461925Apocheima hispidariaSmall Brindled BeautyLC409 - 15Oak, (other deciduous trees)
70.2471926Phigalia pilosariaPale Brindled BeautyVU706 - 16Broadleaved trees & shrubs
70.2481927Lycia hirtariaBrindled BeautyBAP(R) LC703 - 17Broadleaved trees & shrubs
70.2511930Biston stratariaOak BeautyLC903 - 16Broadleaved trees & shrubs
70.2521931Biston betulariaPeppered MothLC709 - 16Many trees, shrubs & smaller plants
70.2531932Agriopis leucophaeariaSpring UsherLC209 - 10Oak
70.2551934Agriopis marginariaDotted BorderLC609 - 16Broadleaved trees & shrubs
70.2561935Erannis defoliariaMottled UmberVU407 - 11Broadleaved trees & shrubs
70.2571936Menophra abruptariaWaved UmberLC804 - 17Privet, Ash?, Lilac
70.2581937Peribatodes rhomboidariaWillow BeautyLC709 - 18Broadleaved trees, shrubs & climbers, Conifers
70.2641940Deileptenia ribeataSatin BeautyLC609 - 19Conifers, (Broadleaved trees?)
70.2651941Alcis repandataMottled BeautyLC909 - 19Many trees, shrubs & other plants
70.2681944Hypomecis punctinalisPale Oak BeautyLC12009Oak, Birch, Hazel, Hawthorn, Apple, Sallows
70.2701947Ectropis crepusculariaEngrailedLC1303 - 19Broadleaved trees & shrubs, Conifers
70.2711948Ectropis sp.Small EngrailedLC12013Birch, Sallows, Beech, other trees?
70.2721949Paradarisa consonariaSquare SpotLC409 - 17Oak, Birch, Beech, Hornbeam, Pines, Yew
70.2731950Parectropis similariaBrindled White-spotLC509 - 18Oak, Birch, Hazel, Hawthorn
70.2741951Aethalura punctulataGrey BirchLC210 - 11Birch, (Alder)
70.2771955Cabera pusariaCommon White WaveLC1200 - 18Birch, Alder, Sallows
70.2781956Cabera exanthemataCommon WaveLC1104 - 19Goat, Grey & other willows, Aspen, other poplars
70.2791957Lomographa bimaculataWhite-pinion SpottedLC1104 - 18Blackthorn, Hawthorn
70.2801958Lomographa temerataClouded SilverLC1204 - 18Hawthorn, Blackthorn, fruit trees, Aspen, Wych elm
70.2821960Theria primariaEarly MothVU310 - 16Blackthorn, Hawthorn
70.2831961Campaea margaritariaLight EmeraldLC1100 - 19Broadleaved trees & shrubs
70.2991666Geometra papilionariaLarge EmeraldLC609 - 19Birch, Hazel, Alder
70.3001667Comibaena bajulariaBlotched EmeraldLC409 - 18Oak
70.3021673Hemistola chrysoprasariaSmall EmeraldBAP(R) LC208 - 10Traveller's-joy
70.3031674Jodis lacteariaLittle EmeraldLC1204 - 17Deciduous trees & shrubs
70.3051669Hemithea aestivariaCommon EmeraldLC809 - 19Deciduous trees & shrubs
71.0031995Cerura vinulaPuss MothLC210 - 11Aspen, Goat willow, (other poplars & willows)
71.0051997Furcula furculaSallow KittenLC209 - 13Willows, Aspen, other poplars
71.0071998Furcula bifidaPoplar KittenLC309 - 11Aspen, other poplars, (Willows)
71.0091999Stauropus fagiLobster MothLC804 - 18Birch, Hazel, Oak, Beech, other broadleaved trees & shrubs
71.0112015Drymonia ruficornisLunar Marbled BrownLC804 - 19Oak
71.0122000Notodonta dromedariusIron ProminentLC604 - 17Birch, Alder, (Hazel, Oak)
71.0132003Notodonta ziczacPebble ProminentLC604 - 18Sallows, Willows, Aspen, other poplars
71.0162005Peridea ancepsGreat ProminentLC904 - 19Oak
71.0172007Pheosia tremulaSwallow ProminentLC908 - 19Aspen, other poplars, Willows, Sallows
71.0182006Pheosia gnomaLesser Swallow ProminentLC404 - 19Birch
71.0202011Pterostoma palpinaPale ProminentLC704 - 18Aspen, other poplars, Willows
71.0212008Ptilodon capucinaCoxcomb ProminentLC804 - 17Broadleaved trees
71.0251994Phalera bucephalaBuff-tipLC609 - 18Sallows, Birch, Oak, Hazel, other broadleaved trees & shrubs
71.0272019Clostera curtulaChocolate-tipLC703 - 17Aspen, other poplars, Sallows, Willows
72.0012469Scoliopteryx libatrixHeraldLC309 - 12Willows, Poplars
72.0022474Rivula sericealisStraw DotLC1304 - 18Grasses (False brome, Tor-grass, Purple moor-grass)
72.0032477Hypena proboscidalisSnoutLC909 - 19Common nettle
72.0102033Lymantria monachaBlack ArchesLC709 - 19Oak, (other trees)
72.0132030Euproctis similisYellow-tailLC707 - 15Hawthorn, Blackthorn, other broadleaved trees & shrubs
72.0152028Calliteara pudibundaPale TussockLC808 - 17Broadleaved trees & shrubs
72.0172026Orgyia antiquaVapourerLC300 - 13Broadleaved trees & shrubs
72.0192061Spilosoma luteaBuff ErmineBAP(R) LC509 - 18Many herbaceous plants & some woody species
72.0202060Spilosoma lubricipedaWhite ErmineBAP(R) LC609 - 18Many herbaceous plants
72.0222063Diaphora mendicaMuslin MothLC309 - 11Many herbaceous plants
72.0242064Phragmatobia fuliginosaRuby TigerLC509 - 19Many herbaceous plants & some woody species
72.0292068Callimorpha dominulaScarlet TigerLC401 - 15Many herbaceous plants & woody species
72.0312069Tyria jacobaeaeCinnabarBAP(R) LC304 - 11Common & other ragworts
72.0352037Miltochrista miniataRosy FootmanLC210 - 19Lichens on oaks & other trees
72.0362038Nudaria mundanaMuslin FootmanLC609 - 19Small lichens
72.0422039Atolmis rubricollisRed-necked FootmanLC204 - 09Lichens & green algae on trees
72.0432049Eilema depressaBuff FootmanLC509 - 15Lichens & algae on trees & shrubs
72.0442044Eilema griseolaDingy FootmanLC309 - 13Lichens & algae on trees & bushes
72.0452050Eilema lurideolaCommon FootmanLC609 - 16Lichens & algae, Hawthorn
72.0462047Eilema complanaScarce FootmanLC12013Lichens & algae
72.0492043Eilema sororculaOrange FootmanLC1004 - 18Lichens on trees
72.0532489Herminia tarsipennalisFan-footLC409 - 15Withered leaves of Oak, Beech, Bramble, (other trees & shrubs)
72.0552492Herminia grisealisSmall Fan-footLC907 - 16Broadleaved trees, Bramble, Traveller's-joy
72.0612484Schrankia costaestrigalisPinion-streaked SnoutLC209 - 10Undetermined
72.0632466Lygephila pastinumBlackneckNT12011Tufted vetch, Marsh pea, Wild liquorice
72.0692473Laspeyria flexulaBeautiful Hook-tipLC809 - 19Lichens on trees
72.0762451Catocala fraxiniClifden NonpareilLC12015Aspen, other Poplars
72.0782452Catocala nuptaRed UnderwingLC12010Poplars, Willows
72.0832463Euclidia glyphicaBurnet CompanionLC700 - 20Clovers, Bird's-foot trefoil, Black medick, Tufted vetch
73.0012450Abrostola tripartitaSpectacleLC409 - 13Common nettle
73.0122434Diachrysia chrysitisBurnished BrassLC509 - 16Common nettle, other herbaceous plants
73.0152441Autographa gammaSilver YMigrant1100 - 20Many low-growing plants
73.0162442Autographa pulchrinaBeautiful Golden YLC809 - 19Herbaceous plants
73.0172443Autographa jotaPlain Golden YLC410 - 18Herbaceous plants
73.0242410Deltote pygargaMarbled White SpotLC1106 - 19Grasses (Purple moor-grass, False brome)
73.0322425Colocasia coryliNut-tree TussockLC1303 - 19Hazel, Birch, Beech, other broadleaved trees
73.0332020Diloba caeruleocephalaFigure of EightBAP(R) EN309 - 11Blackthorn, Hawthorn, Apple, Rose, fruit trees
73.0362281Acronicta alniAlder MothLC409 - 18Birch, Alder, Goat willow, Oak, Elm, broadleaved trees
73.0382284Acronicta psiGrey DaggerBAP(R) LC303 - 15Broadleaved trees & shrubs
73.0452289Acronicta rumicisKnot GrassBAP(R) LC309 - 17Herbaceous & woody plants
73.0462278Subacronicta megacephalaPoplar GreyLC1008 - 18Poplars, (Willows)
73.0472291Craniophora ligustriCoronetLC909 - 18Ash, Privet, (Alder, Hazel)
73.0482397Panemeria tenebrataSmall Yellow UnderwingLC200 - 11Common & Field mouse-ears
73.0522216Cucullia umbraticaSharkLC12009Sowthistles, Lettuces, Hawk's-beards, Hawkweeds
73.0622297Amphipyra pyramideaCopper UnderwingLC509 - 19Oak, other broadleaved trees & shrubs
73.0632298Amphipyra berberaSvensson's Copper UnderwingLC309 - 11Oak, Lime, Hornbeam, Willows
73.0652227Asteroscopus sphinxSprawlerBAP(R) VU12010Broadleaved trees
73.0682245Allophyes oxyacanthaeGreen-brindled CrescentBAP(R) LC209 - 10Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Apple, Dog-rose, Plum
73.0692243Xylocampa areolaEarly GreyLC503 - 18Honeysuckle
73.0762400Helicoverpa armigeraScarce Bordered StrawMigrant12009Scarlet geranium, Yellow rattle, cultivated plants
73.0952389Caradrina clavipalpisPale Mottled WillowLC12009Grass seeds, Plantain seeds, Peas
73.0962381Hoplodrina octogenariaUncertainLC309 - 11Herbaceous plants
73.0972382Hoplodrina blandaRusticBAP(R) LC309 - 13Broadleaved herbaceous plants
73.0992384Hoplodrina ambiguaVine's RusticLC209 - 10Herbaceous plants
73.1012380Charanyca trigrammicaTreble LinesLC609 - 16Herbaceous plants
73.1022302Rusina ferrugineaBrown RusticLC12009Herbaceous plants
73.1072300Mormo mauraOld LadyLC12010Herbaceous & woody plants
73.1092303Thalpophila maturaStraw UnderwingLC209 - 10Grasses (Annual meadow-grass, Mat-grass, Silver hair-grass)
73.1132306Phlogophora meticulosaAngle ShadesLC309 - 15Herbaceous & woody plants
73.1142305Euplexia luciparaSmall Angle ShadesLC209 - 10Bracken, other ferns, herbaceous & woody plants
73.1212364Gortyna flavagoFrosted OrangeLC209 - 11Thistles, Burdocks, Foxglove, other robust herbaceous plants
73.1232361Hydraecia micaceaRosy RusticBAP(R) LC12009Various low-growing plants
73.1392370Lenisa geminipunctaTwin-spotted WainscotLC12018Common reed
73.1472345Photedes minimaSmall Dotted BuffLC410 - 18Tufted hair-grass
73.1542330Apamea remissaDusky BrocadeBAP(R) LC12013Grasses (Common couch, Reed canary-grass)
73.1552327Apamea epomidionClouded BrindleLC409 - 18Grasses (Cock's-foot, Tufted hair-grass)
73.1562326Apamea crenataClouded-bordered BrindleLC309 - 14Grasses (Cock's-foot)
73.1572333Apamea ancepsLarge NutmegBAP(R) NT12011Grasses (Cock's-foot, Common couch, cereals)
73.1592331Apamea unanimisSmall Clouded BrindleLC12015Grasses (Reed canary-grass, Wavyhair-grass)
73.1602335Apamea scolopacinaSlender BrindleLC309 - 13Woodland grasses, Wood-rushes
73.1622321Apamea monoglyphaDark ArchesLC809 - 19Grasses (Cock's-foot, Common couch, Tufted hair-grass)
73.1632322Apamea lithoxylaeaLight ArchesLC12009Grasses
73.1682336Lateroligia ophiogrammaDouble LobedLC12009Reed canary-grass, Reed sweet-grass, (Pampas-grass)
73.1692343Mesapamea secalisCommon RusticLC209 - 13Grasses (Cock's-foot, Tall fescue, Tufted hair-grass)
73.1722341Mesoligia furunculaCloaked MinorLC12015Grasses (Sheep's fescue, Tufted hair-grass, False oat-grass)
73.1732337Oligia strigilisMarbled MinorLC209 - 18Grasses (Cock's-foot, Common couch, Reed canary-grass)
73.1742339Oligia latrunculaTawny Marbled MinorLC12013Grasses (Cock's-foot)
73.1752338Oligia versicolorRufous MinorLC314 - 16Grasses?
73.1762340Oligia fasciunculaMiddle-barred MinorLC511 - 18Grasses (Tufted hair-grass)
73.1802272Tiliacea auragoBarred SallowLC209 - 10Field Maple, Beech, (Oak)
73.1812273Xanthia togataPink-barred SallowLC309 - 11Sallows, Poplars, herbaceous plants
73.1822274Cirrhia icteritiaSallowBAP(R) NT209 - 11Sallows, Poplars, herbaceous plants
73.1862267Agrochola lychnidisBeaded ChestnutBAP(R) NT12009Herbaceous plants, broadleaved trees & shrubs
73.1872266Agrochola lituraBrown-spot PinionBAP(R) LC309 - 11Herbaceous plants, broadleaved trees
73.1892263Agrochola lotaRed-line QuakerLC209 - 10Willows
73.1902264Agrochola macilentaYellow-line QuakerLC209 - 10Broadleaved trees, herbaceous plants, Heather
73.1922262Agrochola circellarisBrickLC209 - 10Wych elm, Aspen, other poplars, Sallows, Ash
73.1932270Omphaloscelis lunosaLunar UnderwingLC12009Grasses
73.1942258Conistra vacciniiChestnutLC803 - 16Broadleaved trees & shrubs, herbaceous plants
73.1972260Conistra rubigineaDotted ChestnutLC12012Broadleaved trees & shrubs, herbaceous plants
73.2002235Lithophane semibrunneaTawny PinionLC12009Ash
73.2012236Lithophane sociaPale PinionLC509 - 17Broadleaved trees & shrubs, (herbaceous plants)
73.2022237Lithophane ornitopusGrey Shoulder-knotLC210 - 12Oak
73.2092241Xylena vetustaRed Sword-grassLC310 - 15Woody & herbaceous plants
73.2102256Eupsilia transversaSatelliteLC703 - 17Broadleaved trees & shrubs, Larvae of other moth species
73.2122311Ipimorpha retusaDouble KidneyLC12009Sallows, Willows, Black poplar
73.2132312Ipimorpha subtusaOliveLC209 - 10Aspen, other poplars
73.2152316Cosmia affinisLesser-spotted PinionLC12009Elms
73.2162318Cosmia trapezinaDun-barLC709 - 19Broadleaved trees & shrubs
73.2172319Cosmia pyralinaLunar-spotted PinionLC509 - 15Blackthorn, Hawthorn, Apple, Elms
73.2192269Atethmia centragoCentre-barred SallowBAP(R) LC209 - 11Ash
73.2202225Brachylomia viminalisMinor Shoulder-knotBAP(R) NT509 - 19Grey & other willows, Aspen
73.2222314Apterogenum ypsillonDingy ShearsLC409 - 13Willows, Sallows, Poplars
73.2242247Griposia aprilinaMerveille du JourLC12009Oak
73.2252248Dryobotodes eremitaBrindled GreenLC209 - 10Oak, (Hazel?, Hawthorn?)
73.2332232Aporophyla nigraBlack RusticLC12009Woody & herbaceous plants, grasses
73.2422188Orthosia incertaClouded DrabLC1103 - 19Broadleaved trees
73.2432183Orthosia miniosaBlossom UnderwingLC12009Oak, (other trees & shrubs)
73.2442187Orthosia cerasiCommon QuakerLC1103 - 19Broadleaved trees
73.2452182Orthosia crudaSmall QuakerLC1003 - 19Oaks, other broadleaved trees
73.2472186Orthosia gracilisPowdered QuakerBAP(R) LC509 - 17Herbaceous & woody plants
73.2492190Orthosia gothicaHebrew CharacterLC1103 - 19Trees, bushes & herbaceous plants
73.2502189Anorthoa mundaTwin-spotted QuakerLC903 - 18Trees & woody plants
73.2552145Anarta trifoliiNutmegLC12009Herbaceous plants
73.2612150Polia nebulosaGrey ArchesLC709 - 19Woody & herbaceous plants
73.2642158Lacanobia thalassinaPale-shouldered BrocadeLC12009Woody plants
73.2732147Hada plebejaShearsLC12009Herbaceous plants
73.2882191Mythimna turcaDouble LineLC12010Grasses (Common bent, Creeping soft-grass), (Wood-rushes?)
73.2912199Mythimna pallensCommon WainscotLC509 - 19Grasses
73.2932198Mythimna impuraSmoky WainscotLC609 - 19Grasses (Cock's-foot, Common reed), Hairy wood-rush
73.2982193Mythimna ferragoClayLC12019Grasses (Cock's-foot, meadow-grasses)
73.3012205Leucania commaShoulder-striped WainscotBAP(R) LC209 - 11Grasses (Cock's-foot)
73.3172089Agrotis exclamationisHeart & DartLC704 - 19Many herbaceous plants
73.3192087Agrotis segetumTurnip MothLC12010Many herbaceous plants
73.3202088Agrotis clavisHeart & ClubLC12009Many herbaceous plants
73.3272091Agrotis ipsilonDark Sword-grassMigrant209 - 13Many herbaceous plants
73.3282098Axylia putrisFlameLC309 - 11Many low-growing plants
73.3292102Ochropleura plectaFlame ShoulderLC909 - 18Many herbaceous plants
73.3322122Diarsia brunneaPurple ClayLC509 - 16Herbaceous & woody plants
73.3332120Diarsia mendicaIngrailed ClayLC1004 - 18Herbaceous & woody plants
73.3342123Diarsia rubiSmall Square-spotBAP(R) LC309 - 15Herbaceous plants, Heather
73.3362139Cerastis rubricosaRed ChestnutLC503 - 11Herbaceous & woody plants
73.3422107Noctua pronubaLarge Yellow UnderwingLC1004 - 19Many herbaceous plants
73.3432110Noctua fimbriataBroad-bordered Yellow UnderwingLC309 - 11Herbaceous & woody plants
73.3452109Noctua comesLesser Yellow UnderwingLC509 - 15Herbaceous & woody plants
73.3462112Noctua interjectaLeast Yellow UnderwingLC12009Herbaceous & woody plants
73.3482111Noctua jantheLesser Broad-bordered Yellow UnderwingLC509 - 19Herbaceous & woody plants
73.3522138Anaplectoides prasinaGreen ArchesLC609 - 18Herbaceous & woody plants
73.3572134Xestia xanthographaSquare-spot RusticLC309 - 19Grasses, Plantains, other herbaceous plants
73.3582133Xestia sexstrigataSix-striped RusticLC12009Herbaceous plants, Bramble
73.3592126Xestia c-nigrumSetaceous Hebrew CharacterLC309 - 18Many herbaceous plants
73.3602127Xestia ditrapeziumTriple-spotted ClayLC12010Herbaceous & woody plants
73.3612128Xestia triangulumDouble Square-spotLC509 - 15Herbaceous & woody plants
74.0032077Nola cucullatellaShort-cloaked MothLC407 - 18Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Apple, Pear, Plum
74.0042078Nola confusalisLeast Black ArchesLC310 - 17Broadleaved trees
74.0082422Pseudoips prasinanaGreen Silver-linesLC700 - 17Oak, Birch, Beech, (other broadleaved trees)
74.0092423Nycteola revayanaOak NycteolineLC404 - 11Oak

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