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(27 March 2018) Common name correction: 45.030 is 'White Plume' in the ABH list. It had been 'White Plume Moth' in the Bradley list.

(12 March 2018) Species 6.002 which mines Dogwood leaves has been renamed from Antispila treitschkiella to A. petryi, and A. treitschkiella which only mines Cornelian cherry has been added as species 6.0021.

A recent problem (fixed 22 Feb 2018). After a change to remove the boxes around the species number, scientific and common names, those species with an ampersand in the common name such as 'Heart & Dart' were being recorded as 'Heart & Dart', for example. This was because the ampersand was being replaced by its HTML coding. That problem should now be fixed, but any records you saved to a document or spreadsheet may need to be edited. A single 'Replace all' operation can be used to replace '&' by '&' throughout the document or spreadsheet.

This editor is like a document editor or spreadsheet - it does nothing with your records. Do not forget to save the records as a file on your computer, otherwise they will be lost. To save them:


Disclaimer: Use this moth record editor at your own risk! There is a built-in limit of 25,000 records but it has not yet been tested with more than a few.

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