These maps show the distribution of each of the butterfly species recorded in Gloucestershire between 2011 and 2020. Note that Large Blue records are excluded to protect this rare butterfly.

To see a map click on the butterfly name and to return to the list click the cross above the top right corner of the map.

The maps are compiled from records provided to the County Butterfly Recorder and were created using the Levana software program.

If you want to submit records of butterfly sightings then you can either use the forms available on our Downloads page or use iRecord.

Adonis Blue

Brown Argus
Brown Hairstreak

Camberwell Beauty
Chalk Hill Blue
Clouded Yellow
Common Blue

Dark Green Fritillary
Dingy Skipper
Duke of Burgundy

Essex Skipper

Green Hairstreak
Green-veined White
Grizzled Skipper

Holly Blue

Large Skipper
Large Tortoiseshell
Large White

Marbled White
Marsh Fritillary
Meadow Brown


Painted Lady
Pearl-bordered Fritillary
Purple Emperor
Purple Hairstreak

Red Admiral

Silver-washed Fritillary
Small Blue
Small Copper
Small Heath
Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary
Small Skipper
Small Tortoiseshell
Small White
Speckled Wood

White Admiral
White-letter Hairstreak
Wood White

Number of visits – shows which 1km squares were visited (recorded in) most often