White Square MapThe white square map showing the distribution of butterfly records, has now been updated.  We still desperately need volunteers to record in the ‘white’ areas – these are areas for which there are no records.  If you live in or near these places or regularly visit them and can confidently identify butterflies, please could you do some butterfly recording there?  It may only involve a couple of visits, but more if you get the bug!  Please submit your records on a casual recording form which can be on the Downloads page. It is available both as an Excel form that can be filled in on the computer and as a Pdf file that can be printed and filled in by hand;  email or post the completed form to the County Recorder.  Please contact Chris Wiltshire, the County Butterfly Recorder at butterfly-recorder@gloucestershire-butterflies.org.uk or Vic Polley, Assistant Butterfly Recorder at vic@gloucestershire-butterflies.org.uk if you have any queries.

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Written by Bob Smith