There have been three sets of changes to the website in the last two or three weeks.

The first batch of changes were to make maintenance of the website a lot easier. Most of them should have been invisible to everyone.

The second batch of changes were all about visibility.

Their purpose was to make the website responsive – this simply means it will look different depending on your screen. Previously pages had a fixed width and so on a narrow screen bits were chopped off; now the page becomes narrower to fit the screen. This can have unexpected results, for example the menu that is normally at the left of the screen may be moved to the bottom and everything may be a bit too small on a phone.

Finally, pictures in blog posts and some pages, e.g. the life cycle of the Orange-tip butterfly (now updated with more pictures), are expanded more conveniently than previously when clicked.

The pages accessed via Species & Habitats and Moth Maps on the menu are not responsive as they have been constructed in a different way.

If you encounter any problems with the changes please contact me via Web Master on the Committee & Contacts page.

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Written by Bob Smith