The latest changes are a continuation of those reported a couple of weeks ago. Here is a brief summary of the changes and an invitation to contribute photographs.

Random photos

At the top of the home page there is a photo, this has been chosen at random from a collection held on the website. If you click the photo then you will see a larger version of it. Every time you enter the website or click ‘Homepage’ on the menu a new selection is made.

With a small number of photos the selection gets a bit repetitive so I would like to get more (and remove some of my own that were chosen mainly to test some features of the changes).

Invitation: Would you like to contribute some photos – between one and ten? If so then here are some notes:

  • Subject: It should be related to butterflies or moths in Gloucestershire, for example a picture of a life stage, a habitat, a work party or site visit.
  • Title: Just a simple title.
  • Caption: A short (one or two sentences) description of or comment about the picture. If you can’t think what to say don’t worry, just send the photo.
  • Size: If your photo was taken with a digital camera (and you have not already edited it to select the best bit) it is big enough and I will resize it to fit the website – I have a program that does it automatically. More technical: the photo must be at least 700 pixels wide as I have to create versions that are 300 pixels wide and 700 pixels wide – the height is adjusted in proportion with the original photo.

Send photos to me at webmaster-email (or use my personal email if you know it). If you want to avoid duplications please check this page with all the pictures so far. (Duplication is not bad but, for example, twenty pictures of a Small Tortoiseshell on buddleia might be too much.)

Recent blog articles

Directly below the ‘random picture’ on the home page is a list of the most recent articles added to the blog, click on an article to read it. You can see a list of all articles (not many yet!) by clicking ‘Blog’ or by using the menu on the left of the page.

Events occurring soon

Below and to the right of the picture is a list of the next few events, simply click an event to see the details. The Events page shows all events and at the top right allows you to view as a list or by month.

Other pages

The ‘Useful maps’ page is accessible via the menu and was added to provide Ordnance Survey maps for places that do not have a convenient post code. At present it only includes places used for events.

The ‘About’ page has temporary content which is just the content of the old home page. That will be re-worked soon to give a better overview of the website.

There are some pages that were not based on the old template, for example Guy’s maps, that will not be converted.

The contact form is now only accessible via; this is part of an effort to defeat people who search websites looking for ways to send spam.

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Written by Bob Smith